A Gambling Night at Great Yarmouth With Food & Drink

They say write about what you know.

If only I’d been to Las Vegas!

I say that tongue in cheek because I’m pretty happy with my gambling night at Great Yarmouth. That’s until I visit The Strip, Nevada style.

True, if there was a tug of war between fans of the ultimate gambling experience I’d be pulled across the Irish sea, across the North Atlantic Ocean. I would be waterskiing on bare feet as the might of the Las Vegas crowd reeled me in like a fish out of water.

Anyway, I’m at Great Yarmouth. The Golden Mile. I even saw the Puppet Man down Regent Road. The highs and lows of Norfolk.

If you’ve never thought about gambling at Great Yarmouth you will be pleasantly surprised by what they have to offer.

I travelled from my home town in the windswept Fens. I take the train via Ely (love the Cathedral) and Norwich (love the Cathedral) and saunter along the Bittern Line as we pass sleepy locations such as Brundall Gardens, Brundall, Lingwood, Acle and our final destination, Great Yammath (as my other half calls it).

As far as places to stay you have a choice of hotels. As this is a Las Vegas style ‘vacation’ (all one night of it) I’ll stay at Andover House Hotel, at Camperdown. It’s a lovely hotel with a variety of rooms and even a delightful restaurant called the Copper Kitchen which I’ve enjoyed a couple of times.

The superior double room is perfect.

The great thing about finding accommodation at Great Yarmouth is that you can do so from cheap to expensive (and the latter is very affordable). If you want to be close to the casino and superb restaurant I’d suggest the following.

Andover House Hotel – a little bit more expensive but worth the price if you want a lovely stay.

Ocean Hotel – Went here for breakfast (very yummy) and looked at the hotel online and it looks very stylish and worth a visit.

Charlton Hotel – pretty cheap but a very good stay and you may even get a sea view thrown in for the same price.

Nelson Hotel – Not stayed here since reopening after Coronavirus. Some of the reviews weren’t too rosy but if going in the family room very affordable.

Embassy Hotel – Another place at Camperdown which is a good deal although I’ve had a few nights were there was some noise.

All are worth a stay but Andover House and Ocean Hotel look the part for a touch of luxury.

If you want to go to a fancy restaurant then I would suggest the Copper Kitchen at Andover House Hotel (you don’t have to be staying there to dine) or Pamela’s at Wellington Road, off Camperdown. It is a hidden gem. Front of house Mimi, is always a pleasure to chat and the staff are professional and courteous. The menu changes frequently and this is a fine-dining experience you simply cannot afford to miss. It’s not the cheapest place to go but if all fairness it isn’t expensive for the value of both dining and the experience.

I really don’t want to say too much about this restaurant because from pressing the doorbell you will be delighted if not enchanted by everything gastronomy.

Ideally, book a table at Pamela’s for about 7pm as you will be there for at least two hours so perfect for those who have been to the horse racing or those who wish to go to the casino, which is just around the corner at Maine Parade.

The Grosvenor Casino makes a perfect night of gambling. It’s a majestic Grade II Listed building and a beautiful setting. There’s a bar and restaurant on the ground floor. Another bar which features all the latest sports. And downstairs the gaming room which isn’t too big or small. A mix of slots, roulette tables, blackjack and three-card poker. You can order food upstairs or downstairs and free hot and cold drinks. I’ve been to this casino lots of times and it really is a lovely setting. Win or lose, you don’t have far to walk to get back to your hotel and if lady luck is shining down on you, it will be a night to remember.

I’d recommend a night gambling at Great Yarmouth.

Photo: Andover House Hotel