Do A Wilson app location service

There is always a party somewhere on Earth

Picking your location in Do A Wilson app is easy. When designing the app, we knew we had to tie posts and places. To make it easier, we picked Foursquare API because it offers access to a vast database of location and venues around the world. Exactly what we needed for our app!

Do A Wilson app location pick
Do A Wilson app hashtag search
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Location search

You can search for location to show you the latest or personalised videos based on location search. Want to see some footage from hot clubs in Miami, Dubai or Ibiza? No problem, clubbing all around the globe is how we designed Do a Wilson to be.

Hashtag for location

Hashtags are useful to combine tagging of a post with either a location or event. Of course our main hashtag #doawilson is used to get your video in front of people all over the world and maybe even trending or go viral.

Foursquare API

Foursquare is an impressive tool to use. With 62M+ global venues and 190+ countries in the database, it's easy to see why. With such a powerful API, we could build Do A Wilson to an exceptional level of detail; we even used Foursquare images for location data.

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