Do A Wilson subscription with Apple Pay

A seamless experience for digital subscriptions with Apple Subscriptions

Do A Wilson uses Apple auto-renewable subscriptions. There is no need to develop a billing and subscription service from scratch and integrate third party payment processing. Apple offers all this and more using much easier to use SDK kit to benefit from already made subscription and payment solution

Do A Wilson app Halloween phone notification
Do A Wilson app pricing selection screen
Do A Wilson app Apple Pay option

App notifications

Our developers created a fantastic option to offer promotion during holidays. Halloween was one of the promotion periods we focused on.

Clear pricing

Clearly stating what the user will get and how much it will cost is essential, and Apple makes that very clear during the app review process.

Apple pay

Apple Subscription SDK is incredible and makes it easier to integrate Apple Pay. Payment process needs to be as easy as possible, and with Apple Pay, it only takes a touch of a finger.

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