Do A Wilson native app development

Amazing 3D effects using native app development of iOS and iPhone

Building such a complex mobile app was only possible in iOS native app development with the Swift language.

Do A Wilson app video feed
Do A Wilson app UI design
Do A Wilson app chap API


Do A Wilson app uses Swift code and Deep AR SDK kit to integrate amazing face detection software. The basic filters and camera distortion effects come from the kit but all 3D face masks are created bespoke and integrated with Deep AR.

App UI design

Our mobile app designers came up with this amazing dark UI for the app, utilising vertical and horizontal scrolling. The app home page is showing Festival, Night Club, Arena and Stadium categories with most recent entries.

Chat API

For a fantastic chat experience, we picked SendBird API. The app needed a robust chat feature but one which offers a profanity filter, the ability to send photos and videos, group chat, security with encryption and moderation of language.

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