Website location services

Showing how My Hippo Space uses location services to serve relevant results to the visitor faster

My Hippo Space is all about location. Visitor's location that is! We designed website front end page to show Google Maps to be different than the standard map, less focus on the map features and more on the locations of relevant spaces.

My Hippo Space location services demo

Google Maps API

Technological decision to use Google maps was made for out of the box availability and option to use the same SDK model for the mobile app. Unifying the user experience on both platforms.

Custom filter

Live filtration was a must-have. Sidebar style filter offers all the numerous data filtration options such has storage style, size and easy to click additional options.

Showing price

Custom markers were something we liked too. Option to add a Hippoji icon was an excellent addition. We also needed to show pricing for each filtered spaces on the map.

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