My Hippo Space demo

Showing main features of My Hippo Space

My Hippo Space is a unique storage space sharing app startup. To make sure we deliver and exceed client requirements, we need to set up a plan. That plan starts with the creation of user flow maps that describe each user's journey through the system, web application and mobile too. This blueprint is then used to create a platform-specific experience.

Google Maps API

We used the Google Maps API to integrate geolocation services with My Hippo Space. User location is obtained to serve local results, and we also use the Google Maps API to check the actual address of a newly listed property. We choose Google Maps Platform because of the full range of customisation options, an extensive database of existing places and possibility to grow My Hippo Space on those services.

Stripe API

We researched a range of different payment providers for our client and selected three viable options. Stripe API won because of its excellent documentation, ability to integrate with web and mobile platforms and the fact that they are expanding to new regions rapidly. Stripe API is used to collect payments from renters and pass the payouts to the host accounts. This is done instantly via one set of APIs.

Front end development

My Hippo Space required a full set of front end templates to be created before PHP framework development could start. This way, we could create a usable and clickable administration panel prototype. There are different panels, of course, one for the renter, one for the host and one of course for the My Hippo Space support staff.

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