Booking process user flow

Customer journey map showing the booking process of My Hippo Space

My Hippo Space is a unique storage space sharing app startup. To make sure we deliver and exceed client requirements, we need to set up a plan. That plan starts with the creation of user flow maps that describe each user's journey through the system, web application and mobile too. This blueprint is then used to create a platform-specific experience.

Save time

Successful design sprint needs to include user flow interaction design for your startup app idea. We will save you time and help you determine which features to design and develop first. We'll focus on delivering a prototype idea that works for your user market. Our app design idea sprints usually take just 2-3 weeks. 

Delight users

In this user flow diagram, we can pinpoint interaction between host and renter and plan the whole booking process. Making the user experience better for everyone even before the first line of code is written. We focus on developing the core app idea and user experience flow charts.

Present faster

When the time to market matters, you can choose our app development for startups package (MVP) and present your idea concept to investors in just a few weeks. Make sure MVP design reflects your core values and evokes right emotions. From an idea to a scalable application in the cloud in only a few weeks!

Working together towards your success

It always starts with a crazy idea. What's yours?!

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