Booking process

Easy to use booking process for an electric bike rental service in Vienna

Creating a reliable booking process to hand over and pick up electric bikes was a challenge our team was happy to accept. We played with this idea for some time, and this was an excellent opportunity to build a fresh new app for a rental service. The app API is using AWS and is completely serverless architecture. The booking process is streamlined, guided and easy to use. You make a booking, pick up the bike in a hire centre and scan a QR code on the bike. Then you take pictures from all sides, and off you go! Returning bike is equally simple, scan presented QR code by the hire centre staff and take some pictures.

Scoob-E app bookings
Scoob-E app camera access permission request
Scoob-E app user issue reporting

Bookings list

All bookings are readily available under your profile. Automatically filtrated to active, scheduled (upcoming) and past completed rides. Most useful information is the location of the hiring centre and with clear pickup and dropoff times

QR code handover

The bike handover process is done via scanning of QR codes. For that, we ask the user for camera access privileges, and we do that only when the user gets to this screen of the app and not before.

Action button

Call for help is always just a click away quickly allowing the rider assistance if anything goes wrong. Once the scooter has been picked up and is active, we add a new button option for return handover.

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