App location services

Showing how Scoob-E app uses location services to help the user find hire centres in Vienna

Scoob-E is an electric bike hire in Vienna, for now. After the app starts, we ask the user permission to detect the current position and show the closest hire centres.

Scoob-E app home screen
Scoob-E app confirmation of booking
Scoob-E app reporting issue screen

Hire centre location

Being able to skip between the hire centres and have access to essential information to make a quick decision about which centre to choose. We show the distance to the centre on the property tab.

Route to the centre

Using Google Maps API, we can plot the best way to the centre and distance if walking. Listening to user feedback when designing the MVP app, we made quick updates to the app and improved user experience.

Helpful action

From the very beginning, we designed the Scoob-E app to be useful and offer direct access to customer support that can help the riders with any questions they might have.

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