In-app payment integration

Stripe can be integrated into your app, and offer card payments and even Apple Pay and Google Pay options are available

Stripe offers great mobile app payment integrations in 25 countries and currencies. We picked Stripe as the transaction provider for Scoob-E mobile app because it's allowing a further expansion to other countries and SDK integration with the app is brilliantly easy.

Scoob-E app payment screen
Scoob-E app booking confirmation screen
Scoob-E app personal profile

Stripe and Apple Pay

Paying for the service had to be as easy as possible. That's why we used Apple Pay and Google Pay for Scoob-E app with Stripe payment API integration. The app user does not need to fill in card numbers and details with Apple Pay, just a click and confirm. Easy!

Transaction confirmation

Stripe allows great transaction email customisation, so we decided to use that option and send one single transaction notification to the user. All past bookings had to be accessible from the app and transaction details are safely stored at Stripe.

Option to buy Scoob-E

Well, why rent a Scoob-E if you can own one. Our client also decided to sell the scooters directly to the users, so we added the option to buy them right from the app, using the same Stripe integration. How sweet is that?

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