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Empire Elements becomes DigitalOcean Partner

DigitalOcean recognises Empire Elements as a reputable cloud solution architects company to provide certified hosting solutions

Vera Nesvadbova
Vera Nesvadbova

DigitalOcean (D.O.) is a popular cloud computing platform provider offering transparent and affordable pricing with option scaling your business globally. D.O. has been steadily growing over the past five years, adding new features and expanding to new regions.

Currently operating in 5 geographical regions, DigitalOcean is growing and attracting businesses that want to make their way to the cloud. Businesses need robust solutions and Empire Elements just been granted membership to their partner programme. As certified DigitalOcean partners, we are recognised as a reputable company that offers custom cloud solutions.

Reliable Cloud Computing (cloud hosting) is the first step to focus on when creating a successful online application. Security and ability to scale up are the main reasons businesses look for DevOps like our team to build their cloud hosting platform.

DigitalOcean performance comparison

Our European based DevOps team built a variety of computing platforms for all our projects. Being a D.O. partner allows our team to expand into new regions and offer more tailored services to a broader audience.

Our custom-built cloud computing solutions:

DigitalOcean offers transparent pricing, simplified approach to cloud computing and according to the latest Cloud Spectator LLC report, even faster performance compared to the other providers.

Early in 2018, our team was tasked to rebuild, migrate and secure already hacked Wordpress website for Meteor News. Our imperial team accepted the challenge, and we selected DigitalOcean as the computing platform provider. The Meteor News website has been running happily ever since with automatic backups and even using new DigitalOcean Spaces content delivery network. In 2019 alone Meteor News website served visitors from 142 countries across 6 continents.

DigitalOcean partners