Empire Elements is excited to launch A Perfect Job website.

A brand new medical job portal website on a global scale, bridging locums and agencies together.

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Launch in 20 countries

A Perfect job was very interesting project from start. Creating a brand new job portal on a global scale was irresistible challenge. We like ambitious new projects that challenge industry and help to make a reach change.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with APJ team. Given the creating freedom our suggestions we implemented even during cloud architecture building phase.

A Perfect Job is an ambitious idea that disrupts the industry. We like disruptive ideas.

The main purpose of the web application was to make it as easy as possible for locums to find their perfect job anywhere in the world in their preferred medical field. Empire Elements orchestrated launch in 20 countries, simultaneously.

“Empire Elements were excited to work with us on developing our idea, connecting locums, hospitals and agencies around the world. Their proposed architecture of the web application was simple to use for users which was one of our goals.”

Dr. Johan Fourie