Tremendous opportunity
for UK business to be global

Just before we conclude 2016, Amazon Web Services brings us a Christmas present in the form of a new region, London.

Cloud Computing on scale

AWS Computing Cloud service has been expanding rapidly and this year perhaps more than ever. AWS re:invent 2016 has introduced a huge range of new services, and new London region opens whole UK market to new possibilities. 

AWS has already confirmed that UK Brexit will not change their decision to expand their region in London and it is good to see that AWS delivered upon this promise.

What does it mean for UK business?

UK companies are quickly adopting AWS cloud infrastructure and adding London as a region makes sense. Data can now stay in the UK region if required and it’s good to have this choice now.

We expect more expansion, more regions and more edge locations in 2017. Just this year AWS has seen the fastest pace of innovation while expanding rapidly. This rate of expansion is not going to slow down, especially considering their domination of market share coupled with healthy profits.

Using Cloud Services to support your business operations is a smart move that will pay off quickly.

The AWS Cloud operates 42 Availability Zones within 16 geographic Regions around the world, with five more Availability Zones and two more Regions coming online throughout the next year. Empire Elements works exclusively with AWS platform, which offers full service.

Empire Elements is helping companies across industries to increase flexibility, productivity and competitiveness. With Cloud Computing you don't need to make significant upfront investments in hardware, just provision exactly the capacity required to expand your business globally.