AWS Summit London 2019

Vera Nesvadbova
Vera Nesvadbova

Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services just wrapped up another annual celebration event in London called AWS Summit. Richard and Vera from the Empire Elements team were excited to attend this event again.

“This time it was bigger, much bigger” says Richard

The imperial team attended AWS Summit back in 2016 for the first time. If “mind-blowing” was the word to describe the event back then, this time it was “mega gigantic”. AWS has grown enormously in just those three years alone, there is no slowing of the pace of innovation, large companies flock to AWS, and there are many new services available. Server-less and machine learning was the theme this time around.

The event was well organised, registration queues were massive but moving quite fast. London overground did not cope that well. Thought initially to host 4,000 people there were a lot more! As a result, virtually impossible to make a phone call or send a tweet. ExCel wifi was overloaded pretty much all day, so at least there were no distractions.

AWS Summit attendance in London

We attended several talks, discussing building modern applications in more detail.

Building modern applications

Cloud, server-less and micro-services are becoming a mainstream technology. And for a good reason. No need to maintain an underlying system, just focusing on the highly scalable and available code as micro-service.

Another fascinating topic we attended was AWS server-less architecture model which delivers infrastructure as a code. Making your infrastructure destroyable so that it can be created automatically from a script is fascinating not just to us but judging from attendance many others.

AWS server-less architecture model

Empire Elements has been using serverless technologies and frameworks for quite some time. We have build Do A Wilson project and Scoob-E app using only serverless. This talk was an excellent addition to our skills. Building destroyable architecture as a code is what we like a lot.

I still find it incredible to see my file hosted on 170 places around the world. And that’s just the most simple AWS service called CloudFront. I am not even talking about the ability to tap to machine learning and AI. AWS gives us incredible powers to innovate, build and create. Everything is ready in a neat toolbox.