Cloud Architecture for A Perfect Job

A Perfect Job is a fully bespoke website application created by our team from scratch. It was designed as a high performance website with many visitors from all over the globe. 

Richard Kacerek
Richard Kacerek

A Perfect Job is a fully bespoke medical job web application created from scratch. Our team designed it to be a high-performance website with capacity to serve many visitors from all over the globe.

Robust and scalable architecture

Empire Elements used Amazon Web Services which offers the best selection of services this website needs. Fast and unlimited storage, on demand computing, auto-scaling, global content delivery, notification services and more.

Global speed was our primary focus when designing computing architecture for APJ. Nobody likes slow website. Use of CloudFront global content delivery was mandatory, and because of it, all static assets are loaded globally from nearest edge location. Resulting a much faster load time globally, this was a first step.

A Perfect Job uses CloudFront for last loading of images and other assets globally, a Laravel PHP application that is build into a Docker container and scaled up with Elastic Beanstalk. An Nginx load balancer monitors traffic and can divert traffic equally to new instances. We went for RDS database option which offers crucial features like replication, automated backups, monitoring of CPU heavy queries and is automatically scalable separate EC2 unit.

Fast product pipeline

Our next objective was to create workflow pipeline and allow for testing and development new features and ideas. For that, we opted for GitHub integration of Jenkins and Docker. Three incredible technologies that work together flawlessly. This project is constantly evolving, developing and improving and our team needed a stable staging environment with clearly defined workflow.

Working on APJ project was great experience. Our team is always in tune with new technologies, and with other team members, with such a list of skills, it’s amazing to be able to design and create a fantastic web application used by people all over the world.

Simultaneous launch in 20 countries required a robust, reliable and adaptive environment.

A Perfect Job wanted their system available globally. Global infrastructure and content delivery had to be designed and built in AWS. Scaling application on AWS is useful for planned or random peak times. Using auto scaling group was an obvious choice. As a young startup, it’s great to be in this position, ready for aggressive expansion, globally.

One of the reasons for choosing Empire Elements to work with us was their transparent process and not being locked into complicated contracts. We are already discussing developing new features and also the iOS mobile app.

PHP application administration panel

Medical job portal admin panel

Adding job medical portal

Medical job confirmation message

Mobile app UI design

APJ medical portal app login screen
Available medical jobs detail search
Showing purchased medical jobs