Delivering Zawawi Group Website Globally

New Zawawi Group website had to reflect the global presence since the company does business in many countries. The website had to be distributed globally and make use of AWS CloudFront for global delivery.

A global company

The old website was too tired and no longer relevant to Group's new changes. Empire Elements was chosen to deliver the new website that combines traditional values with modern features.

A process of creating this bespoke web application was as usual. Wireframes first, followed by creative design, code build and hosting setup.

AWS as a global delivery network

Using Amazon Web Services quickly become our standard and Zawawi Group was no exception. Especially with Zawawi, we had AWS CloudFront to help us. Zawawi Group website features beautiful imagery of Oman, and in some cases, these images can be quite large. It's paramount to get the asset content as close to the user as possible. With AWS Cloud Front we have 56 Edge locations available. 

Just imagine 38 Availability Zones within 14 geographic Regions around the world. That's the scale of AWS platform, and every part is available to us. With new Zawawi Group website, we are utilising this power and delivering content to a worldwide audience at breakneck speeds. 

For a global company, we needed a global solution says Richard Kacerek, our CEO

We worked closely with Zawawi Group and researched Middle East region extensively to create a set of fresh UX designs that would expand the brand globally yet keeping modern features along with traditional values.

"Empire Elements' professionalism, fast communication and positive attitude played an invaluable part. Empire Elements were dedicated to our project, listened and understood our requirements."

Bushra Al Zawawi - Director