Docker containers

Dockerizing an application is the process of converting an application to run within a Docker container.
Significantly improving the way we build, ship and run apps.

Empire Elements DevOps love Docker. A single file can orchestrate deployment of highly demanding application, including operating system or any dependencies.

Of course packaged deployments aren't anything new but only just now businesses are warming up to the idea as the benefits are clear.

Converting web application to use Docker is obviously more complex than starting with a clean slate. Our DevOps engineers and developers have done both, converted Nexus web app and built A Perfect Job from scratch. Both are very demanding but successful web applications.

Nexus web application was converted to use Docker so the team can manage every part of the system and control its dependencies. Additionally, it was very important to run production like environment on development and local environments so that 4 months long project of migrating the web app to AWS can be monitored in detail and fully tested before deployment.

A Perfect Job web application project was different. It was designed to use Docker from the ground up and development was easier than in the case of Nexus.

Both projects are using specific sets of environment variables which are built into the Docker container before shipping the image.

Set of instruction files are kept in our repositories so that we can always repeat the process easily. As our DevOps methodology is to make environments easier to rebuild than repair, both projects can be rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt again.

In both cases our clients gave us the definitive choice on choosing the right technology and apply the best DevOps practices. Building the right foundation enables faster deployments, easier implementation of new features, happy users and even happier clients.

Dockerizing your application should be something to investigate in 2017

Docker plays very well with AWS so you can be ready for those planned and unplanned traffic spikes while growing your business.

Infrastructure is now in place for both web applications to horizontally scale on demand.
Docker is absolutely essential tool.

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