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Vera Nesvadbova
Written by Vera Nesvadbova July 09, 2019 | 2 minutes read

With more than 1 billion iOS devices currently in use around the world, it can be overwhelming to try to build an iOS app that is unique and functional. Creating an app for your business can seem like just another drop in a vast ocean, but we at Empire Elements know how to build iOS apps that deliver results and make you stand out.

We can promote ourselves as much as we like, but we have real quantifiable results from our clients, which show our level of expertise. We have helped propel every one of our business partners to stand out in a market that lends itself to conformity.

Our clients have left us reviews on Clutch, a ratings and review site that connects businesses. Our reviews and our hard work have helped us become one of the top iOS developers in London!

One of our satisfied customers is a face recognition app. We led the ideation process and created wireframes before building the platform; we are responsible for the graphic design, innovative features, and backend functions of the app.

“We held regular meetings with the company, including face-to-face meetings once a month.” – Founder & CEO, My Hippo Space

“Empire Elements delivered a high-quality app that’s visually appealing and easy-to-use.” – Founder & CEO, Face Recognition App

Another one of our successful projects involved a partnership with a web development service for a global medical platform. We developed a mobile- and desktop-compatible website designed to streamline employment services, and we provided maintenance when needed.

The owner of the company is said the website is user-friendly and runs very well!

“They were very good. Ninety per cent of the project came directly from their team because of their previous experience. There is no struggle in reaching them, and their communication is really good.” – Owner, Global Medical Platform

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You can also find our work on The Manifest, a sister site of Clutch. The Manifest collects business news and tips and has listed us as one of the top design agencies in the UK.

Visual Objects, Clutch’s other sister website, is a portfolio site for visual and creative design firms that have also posted our work! It has listed us as one of the leading app development companies in the UK!

We want to thank our customers; we could not be receiving such amazing recognition without their collaboration. We hope to continue developing such wonderful and unique apps alongside our business partners!

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