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Mobile app market

The number of entrepreneurs looking to build a mobile app is growing exponentially and time spent on mobile is also increasing fast. Americans spent an average of 10 hours per day on their phones, and in 2018, estimated nearly 72% of marketing budgets would be spent developing apps and advertisements on mobile. As the mobile app market grows and competition increases, it’s essential that businesses partner with reliable and trustworthy vendors. Empire Elements has years of experience building mobile apps.

End of 2017 also marks another milestone, in the UK Apple and their iPhones and iPods have now over 50% market share. Making it very lucrative user base and focus on iOS mobile app development.

B2B ratings and reviews platform

We have joined Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform to demonstrate to prospective buyers that they can entrust us with their business ambitions.

Clutch found that two thirds of small businesses plan to have a mobile app built by the end of 2017. Clutch also offers these buyers a directory of mobile app development companies and orders them according to research methodology (Matrix). Companies are evaluated by the quality of their work, clientele, and series of other qualitative factors.

In a direct interview with Clutch analysts, our clients were asked to discuss relevant aspects of their collaboration with our team, including project management, cost, and any areas for improvement. The resulting reviews provide useful insights into our various projects and highlight the diverse skills of the Empire Elements team.

We’re very grateful to receive feedback from 6 clients, validating that through a combination of our technical expertise and business savviness, we have helped bring their business goals to fruition.

Empire Elements gives great attention to quality and finds a unique solution for each project. We’re looking forward to the opportunities to come from our inclusion on Clutch!

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Our sales definitely went up, and we received a lot of feedback from customers who had used our previous site. They said that the new website was much easier to use, customer-friendly, and simple from start to finish—a smooth process through to the shopping cart and checkout.

Adam Hinchcliffe - Director, Uniflo Products