Cloud computing has been around for a while now and we all use it, sometimes even without realizing it.

The Cloud

We all use DropBox, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Office, Xero, SalesForce and many other services like it. Those are services based on a decentralised platform - a cloud.

Scalability, flexibility and security are probably the most important features of any cloud service. Depends on how you look at it and what your company priorities are but cloud computing has something to offer for everyone.

Idea of Cloud Computing is relatively simple. Instead of having one physical server you have access to unlimited amount of virtual servers as you need. This methodology applies to storage and many other services too.

Let’s think about this. You are probably used to the idea of a single server but Cloud is no longer only available to the large companies. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit greatly from using cloud services.

Amazon Web Services has been leading the way in Cloud Computing for years now and has more than 80% of the market. AWS consists of many services that you might need. Databases, storage, computing, autoscaling, security and many, many more. 

Empire Elements has completed transition from old fashioned server hosting to cloud computing in 2016. Looking at the adoption rate of cloud services we are not the only SME to join the cloud.

Companies are adopting Cloud Services at an astonishing rate and for all the good reasons. There are number of benefits so let’s have a look at three most popular.


If you want to deploy, run and scale your application there is no better place than cloud. Small businesses can tap the power of cloud and deliver their products or services to pretty much unlimited number of users. This flexibility is called scaling.

Docker is relative newcomer to the Cloud but it is again unique idea of packaging up your application and delivering it to number of servers as needed. Perfect combination of new technology in the Cloud. 

Cloud flexibility can also be understood way that you can set up your architecture the way you want to. That is very true. Often here at Empire Elements we build custom cloud architecture to support our client’s applications as they need to. 

As your business grows, traffic increases and this puts higher load on server and at some point it will be too much and server will fail - it’s unavoidable. But not with the Cloud. Your website can enjoy high volume traffic for short or long periods of time - while being stable. You can sleep at night knowing your website will not shut down!


There is no upfront cost needed, no lengthy contracts to sign. Just open an account, pick services you need and adopt pay as you go approach. You literally only pay for services that you use. 

You can also forget maintenance cost for software updates, licenses and planned downtime. With cloud those are things of past, new updates and upgrades are delivered automatically. It is also much easier to plan migration to newer software versions. 

Amazon Web Services is the cloud behemoth, with Microsoft and Google making their offerings there is a fierce competition. Take a look at all the options and services available. 


Amazon states that Cloud security is their top priority. There is a list of security features available to you and security is much easier to manage too. The cost is much lower than on-premises solutions. 

Your company can meet compliance requirements much easier, while saving money and scaling your business quickly.


Cloud computing is next evolutionary step in web design and development. Every professional company or agency must have some knowledge of Cloud Computing Services and you should take advantage of that. Cloud is really applicable to everyone. From a small Wordpress website to a large enterprise application. Even governments use so called G-Cloud platform.


With Cloud you can set up your exact work pipeline and start focusing on innovation again, without having any restrictions. The resources usually spent on IT and maintenance can be applied to research and improving your business.

Cloud allows you also to adopt continuous delivery. Means of getting your application updated safely and quickly. 

We have picked Amazon Web Services as main platform because of the relentless pace of innovation.

Smart and user centered architecture improving productivity and helping to streamline your business. Would you like to create an innovative business web application for your customers or employees that comes with some exciting features? Empire Elements can convert your wildest ideas into a reality. Most of the web based applications we've designed and built over the years started with an idea.

“When building custom web and mobile applications for our clients we always construct the right methodology. Development and Production environments, with cloud architecture build to order we can deploy new updates to our client’s projects much faster than ever before.”