Your app is finally finished!

Both you and the client are now ready to launch it to the world. Well, not so fast sparky! If you want your app to listed in the largest app store, you have to go through Apple's app review process.

The only store to be in

Apple's iOS App Store is virtually the place you can get apps for your mobile phone. Over the nine years since it's conception, millions of apps have been downloaded billion times. Recently redesigned the App Store is more popular and useful than ever!

That's from the perspective of the mobile user of course. Mobile app developers face a very different route usually filled with obstacles. They are the creators of new ideas and publishers of apps. As such they have to go through manual, human app review process.

This process can be tedious, frustrating and time-consuming. You have to comply with several rules and essentially create an app profile page, and if you are using in-app purchases, then there are additional rules too. App profile page is your, so it's worth spending extra effort here.

Those apps that offer purchase or subscription service use something called "in-app purchase". That's a payment processed directly by Apple. In return, you will pay 30% of your takings which then slowly in time improves to about 15% one year later.

When your app is ready, you need to submit it to apple for review. This is where Apple has much room to improve. All aspects of your app will need to be thoroughly tested like the design, the usability, the functionality and security are all checked by a human reviewer. All this makes for one wonderful user experience and very frustrating time for developers that are on a tight schedule with clients. It's not possible to speed up this review, and you are entirely reliant on Apple.

While the initial app review does take time, and it could be several weeks, subsequent version update reviews are much faster. From our experience, it is roughly a day or less.

One thing that Apple does not do well communicates with developers enough. Usual response would be "Check guidelines 3.1 section b" and then it is up to you, the developer, to understand it and make corrections. Where the problem comes in is the understanding. Apple is never apparent enough to point out what the actual problem is, they very much like to merely point out section in the App Store Review Guidelines where your app is failing. Frustratingly it can be a straightforward detail to fix, and it does not even need to be in the app build itself, it can be just your store page text or an image!

Time-consuming and very frustrating are the words that may describe your app review process. Not saying it is always like this but your app must comply with Apple rules. Hiring a professional mobile app development company like Empire Elements will cut those review times, save you time and get your app to the users on time.

When designing a mobile app, you should account for the review process and store page creation and optimisation. It is equally important as the app itself and having great imagery, promo and description texts for your app store page will help your app in the digital world.

Lesson to learn here is allowing time for app review process and store page creation

App Review Guidelines Comics Book is an excellent way to get message across in a fun way. It highlights all the important parts of publishing your app: Safety, Performance, Business, Design, and Legal.

Follow Apple store guidelines and offer better experience to the user with better apps.

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