Online retail continues to change drastically.

Within three years, two-thirds of online retail will take place on the mobile phone.
The UK is a country of shoppers, British spend £13.5bn on their mobiles alone.

Research suggests that UK retailers are behind the US and Asian competitors. Consumer research found that 48% of Brits prefer customer support on a mobile chat, but only 16% of retailers offer this feature.

Website and application load time is also an important factor that can be measured, and on average leading UK retailer websites are 10-25% slower than those in the US. Google research shows that improving load time by just 1 second can increase conversion rates by 27%.

Long and complicated checkout processes are frustrating for the consumer, and are the main reason for high cart abandon rates. Making checkout process simple to use and intuitive should be the top priority for all online retailers.

UK shoppers will spend £67bn online in 2017, of which £27bn on a mobile device. That’s a 26% increase from the previous year and Britons spend more on their phones than any other nation in Europe.

While UK shoppers will spend a collective £27bn over a mobile device, German shoppers will spend £24.5bn, and French shoppers £11.5bn.

As more retailers will adopt “mobile first” strategy, a sharp increase in the number of people shopping on mobile is expected, from 23 to 28 million users.

Almost three-quarters of Brits are now online shoppers.

Forecast predicts they will spend £1,428 online in 2017, that’s almost third more than the European average.

The growth of mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay will help foster importance of mobile across all retail sectors.

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