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Startup strategy session for only £295 in July

The first step is to discuss your idea with an experienced engineer who will help you form your idea into a viable startup business.

Vera Nesvadbova
Vera Nesvadbova

Have you ever had an app idea that would not leave you? You keep thinking about it over and over and think this is really worth pursuing?

Most people have startup app ideas, and most of them do nothing about it. Be one of those rare ones who take the first step in the journey, developing an idea into a startup business.

Our Startup Strategy Session is a new consultation product created for very early journey entrepreneurs. Deciding you want to do this is the first step, and our specialist with 15+ years experience will help form your idea into a commercially viable product.

Remember, we are here to help you build it, not to tell your idea is crazy. It always starts with a crazy idea!

The Startup Strategy Session consultation is a 1-hour long video call where we speak about your idea, in detail and create a plan on how to get it to build.

At the end of the session, you will know:

  • how you can use technology to your advantage
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • ways to save on development and production
  • what is a minimum viable product
  • You will have a detailed and printable PDF report
  • you’ll get unbiased expert advice
  • a clear way forward in project stages
  • more accurate cost estimates
  • list of assets you might need to impress your investors

Almost all of our clients that come to us have no technical expertise; they usually start by: “sorry, I am not a tech person”. And that is fine, no need to worry. We won’t be using technical jargon at all; our 1-on-1 startup strategy session is a friendly video chat (we would like to do that in person) casually over a coffee.

“There are no crazy ideas, just those we have not done before.”

You don’t need to provide anything. We will be taking all the notes and provide you with a hand-crafted PDF report with all the details of your project. You will have a blueprint of how to build your idea!

And the fantastic thing is that it only costs £295 until 30 July 2020. A risk-free way to validate your idea and get direct help from a skilled professional to help you set a plan for development.

We have been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe, and this first step is the most important one in your journey. Get real-world advice that is helpful and easy to understand.

Buy now £595 Buy now £295

* Saving of £300 expires on 31 July 2020