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Three things you need to build MVP in 3 months

The essentials you need to develop your Minimum viable product in just 3 months

Richard Kacerek
Richard Kacerek


What if I told you that your idea could be turned into an app and launched in the app store in 3 months?

Sure, many companies are claiming to be able to build your tech startup mobile app idea in 3 months or less. But are they just cutting corners or do they have a strategy?

With such a short timeframe, it’s no wonder you might want to push that a little and see how much faster you can get it done. Please don’t! There is a considerable amount of work and typically thousands of hours going into developing an MVP product. Having a realistic timeframe of 3 months should be your minimum. Trust me!

Our team has built and launched mobile apps in 3 months, but it’s not easy. Building a minimum viable product in 3 months gives you a better chance to develop a user-centred product that delivers value and helps you gather valuable feedback from your early adopters and paying customers.

That’s right, you should focus on your customers and the core functionality they require, not what features you think your app should have. Piling on more features do not make your app better—quite the opposite. Complexity adds to the confusion, and confusion leads to loss of customers. Once a user uninstalls your app, there’s virtually zero chance you’ll get them back.

Good news is that it is possible to build your MVP in 3 months from just an idea. But this is achievable only with a clear strategic plan created by a professional development company, senior-level development team and an experienced project leader. Empire Elements created hundreds of development plans for tech startups in need of a minimum viable product developed on time and within the agreed budget.

1. Realistic 3 months plan

Anyone can put a plan together, but it takes years of experience and skill to create a plan that includes realistic and deliverable milestones. It’s essential for everyone on the team to know what they are working on and why. Everyone needs to work together toward a single goal. Helping each other out is what makes a difference between good teams and rockstar mega-awesome teams.

“Trackable, weekly milestones allow everyone to keep focusing on a single task at the time and track progress.”

The trick is to create an achievable plan. Not a plan which is a wish list that fails and ends up costing you a lot more money and time. Everyone on your team has to work towards one goal. A good plan is the most effective route to get to that goal.

You can book a Startup Strategy Session with us to get that achievable plan created for you.

2. Rockstar dev team

How do you pick the best company to design and develop your MVP? It’s always the team that makes all the difference. The people in your team need to be on the same note, working together towards a single goal. A company like Empire Elements always assembles the best team members for each project to bring the most valuable skills. This team will work on the project for years to come. How do we assemble a rockstar team then? By rigorous testing over long periods.

“Only a highly skilled team can stick to a realistic and achievable plan.”

As we hire new team members, they progress within our company to reach a senior and then even elite status. It’s very much like a military system of progression. Hiring seasoned teams is like building your battle-hardened squadron. They have done it before, they have seen it before. And they do it better with each new project.

3. Technical CEO

Hiring someone like Technical CEO or CTO might be seen as an unnecessary expenditure. It’s not. Investing in a CTO is an investment that will reflect in indirect savings like the right choice and use of technology, leveraging possibilities that this technology brings and avoiding costly mistakes like poor framework updates accumulating over time. And I’m not even mentioning skill and experience a CTO brings to make your tech startup better than your competition.

Your rockstar team needs no average manager. Teamwork is most effective under the supervision of a skilled chief technical officer that’s also your eyes and ears in technology. Guiding you and helping you make better technological choices.


These three steps will help you stay on track, deliver a fully functional product. You need a tech leader, plan and a team.

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