Now is the best time to invest in health tech startups and innovators

Investors and Venture capitalists need to start investing heavily into new medical technology projects. For all our sakes

Richard Kacerek
Richard Kacerek

Investors and innovators, the world needs you right now. With Covid-19 pandemic becoming the most significant global threat to everyone, we now need to work together to overcome challenges we have never seen before.

If you ever thought about investing in a medical technology startup, now is the time. Investors are in the best position to help everyone, but it takes the experts to come together. Medical innovators and people on the ground keeping us safe will need to tell us what is required. The impact this virus will have on our lives is yet to be seen, but it will be enormous. Travel industries are being decimated overnight, with countries and citizens in lock-downs for weeks, it is an unprecedented situation.

People with ideas on how to disrupt the healthcare industry will need investors’ money to develop the medical mobile app. Because the speed to market is important, investors will need a skilled team with a plan and technical abilities to deliver ready-to-launch product.

Solutions to global medical problems will need innovation, cash, skill and experience. Our global population is growing and healthtech is increasing in popularity and demand because of ageing population and cuts to public health service. Technology is a crucial part in discovering new methods of treatment and saving money while relieving the pressure on NHS and GP practices. Covid-19 virus demonstrates how we are very vulnerable, and the need to work together to make sure this pandemic never happens again.

“UK healthtech sector has a combined turnover of £24 billion and it’s still booming and growing rapidly."

Maybe your revolutionary idea will ease pressure on the health system or help protect medical staff or diagnose symptoms faster? If you are looking for a reliable and skilled team to develop your idea for a medical app in 30-60 days, our elite staff is ready to work tirelessly. We want to help, and with the right use of technology, we can move fast! The speed is now more critical than ever.

And to all investors and venture capitalists, we ask you to look into med-tech ideas and consider investing into something you might not have considered before. Just imagine what the right team can do, to build something that will help save lives.

Securing funds needs to be faster than ever before. We are ready to prepare an early concept of your idea, to put together an investor pitch deck and stand with you, presenting to the investors. We ask all investors to hear out all proposals with care and invest in the medical industry more than ever.

Inventors, healt-htech startups and investors need to work together now. It’s no longer just about profits, it’s about helping. Let’s build something great together, let’s help and innovate.

If you are an investor, please get in touch with us so that we can pass on the great ideas from our prospects. Any medical related projects will be built as a priority with our senior staff.

To speed up development of your medical app and launch an MVP app as soon as possible we can integrate healthcare APIs with your application. These APIs can be integrated with healthcare apps to store and share medical records, test results, prescriptions. Doctors can manage patient profiles, review prescriptions. Patients can learn more about their doctors. Your healthtech app can perform doctor background checks too. Healthcare APIs play an important part in improving patient-doctor relationships and can be used by healthcare providers but also insurance companies.

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