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Richard Kacerek
Written by Richard Kacerek March 23, 2019 | 2 minutes read

Designing user experience for mobile app platforms has one interesting tool, mobile app push notifications.

Often overlooked by some apps developers and overused by others but how do you find a balance using this service?

Complicated registration and annoying notifications are the top two reasons why people uninstall apps, so tread very carefully.

Informing, providing useful and tailored information is the absolute key here and the user should have an option to customise or even switch off these notifications within your app. Ask for user permission!

However, don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your users as in-app notification can be a powerful business tool. Special lightning deals, reminding to take an umbrella or if your booking expires are beneficial for the user. You should always focus on the need of the people using your app. If you are not sure, ask them and listen to the feedback.

When we designed mobile apps for our clients, we plan for the design of app notifications. For Do A Wilson mobile app we opted for the usual announcement when people like or like your video but here we thought how about we send a gentle nudge to the user if the app has not been opened for a month or a reminder when there was no picture or video posted in a week. A friendly reminder with some cool emojis is was the way to go.

Scoob-E mobile app for electric bike rental in Vienna was a bit different. App notifications are handy here. When you pick up your bike and ride along, the app will alert you when the time starts to run out, and you are presented with a choice to extend your rental period if you want to.

Designing app notifications is not all that difficult, you just need to think of the user. Don’t use it as a marketing channel or overdo it by sending 530 notifications per day, like Twitter does. You are risking the user will disable your app notifications altogether or, worse yet, uninstall your app and stop using your service.

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