As we start 2018 let's have a look at UX design predictions

In 2017 we saw minimalistic elements, use of line icons, large images and more colourful palette websites.

Frameworks, business sense and speed

Product design and speed are now gaining on importance. Testing ideas early, developing and innovating faster is going to be among essential points in 2018.

Both web application and mobile apps have framework sets available straight away. Therefore it makes perfect business sense to make use of them and customise UX experience based on UI framework of your choice rather than create a brand new one. Design frameworks will continue gaining popularity and will be improved this year adding perhaps more flexibility and features. As sad as it might sound, yes, the design is changing.

Rapid prototyping is essential. Testing ideas early helps create better products, happier users and innovate faster. Using design frameworks makes faster and more streamlined design process, speedier development saves resources and makes good business sense.

Popular framework logos

Collaborating on experience

UX design is no longer just for individual designers. It requires a team effort, testing and reiteration based on research and feedback. As more people get to work together, UX design needs better collaboration tools. We already see this with Sketch and Photoshop. There is a variety of tools to share files in the cloud, allow preview to clients, gather feedback and even version control of your design assets. All this across multiple platforms and teams.

UX will see a lot more collaboration tools in 2017. And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Your business can innovate faster, cheaper and can gather real feedback before product release.

Deeper collaboration between the teams is also now a relative routine. Quite rightly so, design and development are no longer separated by a thick wall but part of a single project team. Teams communicate, cross reference and just support continuous learning process philosophy.

Picnic is Sketch collaboration plugin

Experience no more trends

Design trends suck! Hopefully, we won't see any more flat design mania or minimalistic styles. We will focus on right customer experiences and accessibility instead.

Experience is finally getting recognition and broader adoption. User Experience will no longer be a topic reserved for web designers; it will be acknowledged as one of the most crucial branding elements.

UX - user experience

When we interact with apps or websites, we have a particular goal. And usually, the less effort we spend on achieving this goal, the better experience.

UX design example of a map and filters to list results

snowy mountain forest