Zawawi Group website launch

Empire Elements team is excited to launch brand new Zawawi Group website.

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Progressive, diverse, dedicated

Zawawi Group requested design and development of their new website with a focus on blending modern design with traditional values reflecting group’s activities and portfolio.

Zawawi is no regular business website. Our team has worked closely with Zawawi to create the best website in Sultanate of Oman.

“Modern and stylish” was the primary objective of this project and together with Amazon Web Services CloudFront, the site is delivered to a global audience.

Smart and user centred UX design that expands the brand globally.

Zawawi Group wanted to use the majority of content from their old website while improving the user journey, information architecture and making it easy to navigate. Having more than 20 companies across various industries gave our information architect a challenge to quickly guide users to the relevant information throughout the website.

“To understand our business and Middle Eastern culture and values Empire Elements team carried out an extensive research which was impressive.”

Bushra Al Zawawi - Director