Redefine your Global Strategy

Stable, reliable and secure AWS cloud infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in cloud computing services, providing reliable, innovative services and continuous growth. AWS gives you the ability to adopt cloud technology quickly and with no upfront investment. AWS offers a broad range of services designed to help you grow faster, lower IT costs and scale your applications. AWS provides powerful computing and pay-as-you-go pricing helping you to get started quickly while having continued access to the latest cutting edge technology.

Our AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architects and AWS Certified DevOps engineers have the expertise to design, architect, build and manage robust and scalable AWS infrastructures

Robust and Scalable Infrastructure

AWS scales to meet the demands of users around the world. Giving your users seamless user experience during traffic spikes.

AWS Edge Locations and geographic regions around the globe help your website load fast for users anywhere in the world on any device.

Deploy applications in secure environments that require rigorous regulatory compliance. AWS meets the strictest security requirements.

Enterprise level services and state of the art infrastructure giving you the ability to quickly access and deploy data.

AWS can help you gain new business insights, deliver services rapidly and develop solutions to address any business needs.

Pay as you go pricing helps you move to cloud while keeping IT costs down. Our DevOps engineers will build the most efficient solution.

The process

01. Planning & Design of AWS Environment

Based on the requirements of your web or mobile application our certified DevOps engineers plan and design the environment on Amazon Web Services.

02. Building AWS Architecture

Our DevOps will use a wide range of AWS services to maximise your web or mobile application’s performance and cost efficiency.

03. Performance Testing

Performance and stress testing are carried out together with auto scaling. Our DevOps enable monitoring and analytics to monitor traffic spikes and performance.

04. Deploying Your Application

Your web or mobile application is then deployed globally within minutes. Using AWS enables much faster development and deployment cycles.

Ready to scale on demand

Cost effective, secure and global architecture for your idea

Reliable partner

You can rely on the experience of our DevOps to build and support secure, scalable and scalable cloud-computing architecture specifically for your web or mobile app.

Honest advice

Our objective is to create a balanced service. We only recommend the best options while saving on running costs and effectively spending set and agreed budget.

Causal talk

There is no need for jargon-tech talk. Just have a coffee with us and discuss your ideas and business plans with casually with an enthusiastic person who listens.

Fixed price model

There are no hidden charges or nasty surprises. With milestones approach, it's easier for everyone and to deliver on time, and we catch up weekly to update you on progress.