It starts with a crazy idea What's yours?

Our clients are startups, entrepreneurs, CEOs and organisations around the world. They have bold, ambitious ideas and want to expand the brand globally, continually innovating and improving their products and services.

We are not just app developers working Mon-Fri 9 till 5. We understand that for entrepreneurs business doesn't stop just because it's Friday 5pm.

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What's next?

Let's have a chat about your awesome idea.

  • Chat

    First, we need to find out more about your idea or project. Just talk to us freely without any complicated jargon. Oh yes and we provide NDA first of course.

  • Plan

    Once we know more about your project, we will put together the best plan for you and your business. It's good to have a plan of how to get to those millions of users.

  • Proposal

    You will get our official project proposal describing how we are going to deliver your project.

  • Agreement

    🔥 💕 🎁 💯 🌹

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Don't be afraid to ask

Not sure how to start mobile app development and want to ask us some questions first?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

Call +442078460326 email
Yes of course. We provide signed non-disclosure agreements before we start our chat. Just send us an email or whatsapp us to arrange signed NDA to be sent to you.
Usually, we are ready to start in a few days. Managing our workload efficiently and only working with a handful of clients at the same time allows us to focus on your project fully. We are used to providing 24/7 personal service.
There are 50+ team members in 4 different teams: Planning, Design, Development and AWS architecture. You will be talking to the same person from the start, our CEO Richard, no need to explain over and over to different managers.
We sure can, but first, we need to have a brief talk on the phone to see which stage you are at with your project, if you have a plan and budget in place and how we can help you with your project. We can fly to meet you anywhere in Europe, or if you prefer to see us in London.
Every project is different. Some clients give us completely free hands to develop an idea, and some like to be more involved. It very much depends on you. Usually, we get a brief document, sketches, handwritten notes. It's all good!

Helping you succeed

Long-term business partnership, skill and experience, clear communication.

Non-disclosure agreement

Before you talk to us we will provide you with a signed non-disclosure agreement so that we can get to understand your project in more detail. 🤐👍

We fly to meet you

We can meet you in London or even anywhere in Europe. Our clients are in Amsterdam, Monaco or even Russia and the Middle East. 👋🛫

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