Do A Wilson mobile app idea was exciting from the start. Developing a brand new social media networking app for iOS was a challenge our team eagerly accepted. It's not every day we get to work with amazing new augmented reality technology.

We specialise in mobile app development projects that require careful planning. From the beginning stages to the launch date we are here for the client to assist, guide, help and advise on critical business decisions.

Do A Wilson mobile app was precisely that, a sprint project with a very limited timeframe and we helped the client to create a global social networking app for a wide range of users.

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Goal Definitions
DeepAR Face Masks

After detailed research, we decided to use DeepAR to apply our fully custom made 3D face masks, accessories, filters and effects.

Global Party Scene

There is always a party somewhere on Earth so we designed Do A Wilson to be global and show trending videos around the globe.

iOS Mobiles Only

Apple in-app purchases and payment options make it the perfect choice for the Wilson project, instantly available on mobile and tablets.

Fast Development

With only two months till party season begins, our teams worked in parallel to meet in the end and deliver complete Do A Wilson project.

UX Designs

Wireframes and Design concept

We started with a simple idea. I'm at the party, and I want to take a video
with amazing masks and to post it to all the party people out there!

Carefully documenting every step of the customer journey, inventing continually changing home screen, posting Wilson videos without obstructions and using the VIP chat features. Oh yes; and there are 15 face masks and 27 types of accessories in a wonderful high-poly models! Animated of course.

Great Technology

Native iOS mobile app like this one required a very skilled and diverse team. We used AWS for the scalable and global cloud platform features. Photoshop, Sketch for prototyping and a vast amount of work went into the 3D augmented reality masks. And of course, iOS-only mobile app was created using Swift and Xcode. Our three teams had to work in parallel to meet the deadline and build this beautiful app in shortest possible time, just before party season begins!
This is where technology meets skill.


A great looking website that demonstrates Do A Wilson capabilities and supports users is mandatory. It points visitors to the App Store page, it helps to inform and is used for app verification and platform publishing guidelines. Our team proudly created this web page in React with new features and modules being added soon.

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Mobile App
The social networking app for party lovers

Do A Wilson app is packed with wonderful features and advanced technology. Where do we start? How about 15 face masks and 27 accessories, that work on humans but also on our beloved pets!

We are also using SendBird API here for cool chat features, DeepAR for amazing AR/VR tech and FourSquare API for location and venues based on user location. Bringing everything into one awesome party experience.

  • Modern UX/UI design
  • iOS app development
  • Advanced API use
  • Global content delivery
  • Augmented reality masks
  • Location based experience
Amazing high-poly 3D face masks
There is always a party somewhere on Earth

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AWS cloud architecture

Do A Wilson mobile app requires a robust, scalable and secure platform with a truly global reach. We designed the AWS architecture so that it's completely serverless, utilising services like AWS Mobile Hub, Cognito, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoD and CloudFront.

AWS Global Infrastructure

To deliver content to end users with lower latency, Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 160 Points of Presence (149 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries

Wilson Videos
infinite storage

Globally accelerated uploads mean Do A Wilson app is fast from everywhere.

Wilson Users
growing audience

Combined with clever social media marketing campaign everyone is "doing a wilson".

Global reach

Designed to be used around the world, there is always a party somewhere on Earth.