Cats rule the internet. That's a fact!

Jack The Cat is a unique design of iMessage sticker app based on a real world cats.
Created carefully for the smallest of audience, children of age 4 years and above.

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Goal Definitions
Unique design

Concept of Jack The Cat is based on two real world cats, converted into lovable cartoon characters.

Children audience

From the start Jack's sticker app was designed for children audience only, following strict guidelines.

Global Reach

With the biggest iOS App Store our app is now available for purchase in all regions all around the world.

Fun conversation

In order to expand usability of the app we decided to design series of additional expression stickers.

Creative Designs

Unique Design concepts

Jack the Cat consists of two cats with series of specific expressions. Each expression was carefully designed to reflect cat's personality. They could not be more different, while Jack is curious and playful, his brother Caesar prefers alone time!

Mobile App Development

Jack The Cat uses iOS development platform exclusively. Build with X-Code for iPhone and iPad devices that use iMessage chats.

Illustrations were created using Adobe Creative Cloud‎ tools.

Sticker App

Final product iMessage Sticker App in action, adding infinite cuteness to your conversations!

About the project
  • Creative Design
  • iOS platform only
  • 1 week turnaround
  • App delivery to store
  • Global reach and sales
  • Full service