Make Friends Gambling

Which one’s Jerry?

So you lost a grand.

Never mind. Easy come, easy go, hey. Not really but there’s more to life than money.

I’ve got some gambling friends.

Yes, it makes it sound like I’ve just returned from a session of Gamblers Anonymous. A small, darkened room, above the local post office. Five men talking about their toils and tribulations. Pony, cockle and monkey talk, while another remembers the good times with his light wand visiting Las Vegas.

I’ve never been to a meeting for GA. However, I have met a few good people who share an interest in gambling, predominantly horse racing and casino action. Who says gambling is all about the betting?

Perhaps it was Aristotle.

To be honest, if it hadn’t been for my Dad’s love of gambling I doubt being a gambler would ever registered with me. Thankfully, I haven’t turned into an addict else I might not be so complimentary about such endeavours.

What do they say about a deck of cards being the devil’s bible.

Every September we would go on our family holidays to Caister-on-sea. It was the Ladbrokes Caravan Park. The Norfolk coast at its best. The 1970s was a time children were encouraged to gamble. Dad would go to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth Racecourse, three days of thoroughbred horse racing and bets. My twin brother and I would play one-armed bandits in the on-site arcade. I can even remember playing an old Jenson Indian Head slot machine, which was a left over from the good old days.

Nowadays they are worth a couple of grand.

My parents smoked, loved alcohol and bet like it was going out of fashion!

It never did me any harm. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, so two out of three isn’t bad.

Do I have any regrets about gambling.


Gambling and my interest in horse racing turned into my business and makes me a decent living, even better, I do something which is my passion. Very few people can say that. And along the way I have met some very interesting people.

For example:

Meeting Jerry Banks, Lowestoft pro gambler many times at Great Yarmouth races, chatting all things horse racing and going for an Indian meal thereafter.

Many visits to the Grosvenor Casino with friends and having a brilliant time.

Working alongside many bloggers from horse racing, casinos and tennis for years and learning insight which is a privilege.

Had free entry as an owner for simply helping promote racing syndicates such as Ontoawinner.

For many, gambling is something feared or stigmatised as somehow being a dirty word. However, for me it has been nothing but an adventure and a road which has been populated with lovely people and winning days.

Good luck.

Photo: Pixaby (free)