Nexus is UK's largest outsourced mobile security company, operating 24/7, striving to deliver service and technology to lead the security outsourcing industry. In just a few years Nexus has become the leading and largest security outsourcing company in the UK.

Nexus partnered with Empire Elements at the beginning of their venture in 2010. Nexus had a vision how to revolutionise security outsourcing services industry and Empire Elements had the expertise to build such a complex project. Together we created Nexus web application, an online business worth £5mil today and growing.

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Goal Definitions
Scalable Solution

To support continous expansion and ability to grow the business rapidly without limitations Nexus needed a scalable solution.

24/7 Availability

Nexus operates 24/7 and required robust system that would be available constantly with minimal disruption to operations.

Mobile App

To increase productivity and efficiency across mutliple channels and lead the security outsourcing industry Nexus needed a mobile app.

Custom Solution

Nexus needed fully custom developed solution to meet their unique requriements and future feature development.

UX Designs

Wireframes and Design concept

Nexus web application is used by a number of different groups of users therefore the platform needed to be easy to navigate and use. Over the years we've been working with Nexus there were a number of re-designs and improvements carried out on their website but also the platform. Nexus understands the importance of innovation and constantly striving to be the best in their field.

Agile development

Nexus application uses the latest set of tools. Great technology makes great things happen!

Web application

The web application is at the core of Nexus business. Without it they wouldn’t be able to operate. Over the years there were many improvements and new features added. The web application is continously improved to make it easy to use while streamlining business operations.

iOS & Android Mobile application

To further grow their business and improve its efficiency Nexus needed Android and iOS mobile apps developed. They would become the UK’s 1st purpose built security outsourcing mobile apps. They are used by more than 300 Network Partners.

  • Fully custom solution
  • Purpose built mobile app
  • Responsive design
  • Complete migration to AWS
  • Robust AWS infrastructure supporting rapid growth
  • AWS auto-scaling to plan for traffic spikes
AWS cloud architecture

Over the last 7 years Nexus business expanded and grown so much that their hosting solution was no longer viable in terms of reliability, cost and maintenance. The migration to AWS took 4 months but the newly designed cloud architecture is now robust and scalable to support Nexus’ rapid growth. We also used Auto Scaling to plan for traffic spikes and high demand periods.

AWS Global Infrastructure

To deliver content to end users with lower latency, Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 160 Points of Presence (149 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries

Faster Deployments
Offering new features fast

Using continuous integration and delivery makes it fast to deploy new features, innovate faster and stay ahead of competition.

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Reaching milestones

Nexus has reached several milestones over the years. Half a million of security activities is definitely a big one!

Mobile App Users
Expanding potential

Android & iOS mobile app use is growing steadily. Allowing more automation in the company and faster operations.