Players Who Got Away With Casino Fraud

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An attempt to trick a casino is never proper. The great majority of people who have tried it have faced a police investigation and a protracted prison sentence. However, there are always individuals whose scams go unreported or who can escape when their plans are discovered.

It is impossible to estimate how many people have successfully defrauded, and, likely, many of them are still alive and operating frauds today. Only a small portion of those who are caught do, however, wind up doing less time than anticipated.

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus will go down in history as one of the most active casino scammers. He is still at large, and neither an investigation into his frauds nor an attempt to extradite him has ever been made. In actuality, his thefts from roulette tables weren’t made public knowledge until he retired and authored a book about them. This case begs the issue of how many additional individuals like Marcus are working under the radar of the law and the casinos.

He had a simple plan of attack, but it worked incredibly well. Marcus would arrange his chips in a roulette game so that the lesser value ones were on top and the higher value ones were below. Marcus would grab his lost wagers and hurl them at the dealer while acting inebriated, exchanging one chip with a greater value for another chip with a lesser value. He was cheating on his losing spins in his daze by exchanging bigger losses for smaller ones. When his numbers came up, he would leave the chips where they were, and then, while the dealer was celebrating, he would tell the dealer that his stack was worth much more than the top chip.

Ida Summers

Women have long played a role in casino scams, often being used to distract players or dealers or even carry out the schemes themselves without raising as much suspicion as their male accomplices. Ida Summers went above and beyond by playing both sides in a long-running deception. Eventually, Summers became known as the Vegas Vixen, and blackjack became her game of choice. She frequently “mucked the pot” at blackjack tables by showing up and playing multiple hands. A skilled sleight-of-hand maneuver allowed her to switch out the cards she was handed for her own, effectively increasing her chances of winning. This is accomplished by using “cold decks,” which modify the game’s outcomes.

The FBI’s assistance allowed casino management to learn about her deception, nevertheless. Summers received probation and was permitted to continue living free rather than serving time in jail. She was extremely fortunate to avoid the calamity that befalls the vast majority of casino scammers; some have hypothesized that her attractiveness and charisma contributed to her success.

Bill Brennan

The creativeness of the scam artists who prey on casinos is well recognized. But occasionally all it takes to get away unnoticed is an arrogant exterior and boundless self-assurance. Bill Brennan worked as a cashier in an upscale casino in Las Vegas and had the plan to pack his bag one day to steal $500,000 in chips and cash. As he did every day, he collected the bounty after his shift and left the building without a second thought. He miraculously slipped out of the casino without drawing attention, and he has since disappeared from view. Some say he was murdered, but only Bill Brennan is certain of what happened to him and the money. The casino notified the police about the missing money, but Brennan has evaded capture ever since.

How to Play Poker Blinds: The Complete Guide

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Poker would be an extremely boring game without blinds. Today’s essay will discuss what blinds are in poker and why they are important.

In poker, betting the blinds is required and helps to move the play along. To keep playing, you must have a large enough stack to make these wagers when it is your time. We’ll do our best to explain the basics of poker blinds so you can feel more at ease the next time you sit down at a table.

In a Poker game, the blinds are handled differently, and their value can change depending on the host. Everything you need to know is right here, and we’ll even show you some blind Poker strategies that could give you an advantage.

What Do Poker Blinds Mean?

There are hundreds of online casinos where you may play Poker, but what are “Poker blinds”? Blinds are usually required when playing poker. The name “blind” alludes to the fact that they are created before the distribution of any cards. In a poker game, the big blind and small blind players fund their vital responsibilities. These two locations are to the left of the dealer button.

Players would lose interest in the game if they had to wait forever for the aces in the hole.

How Do Blinds In Poker Operate?

The small and big blinds are named by their respective positions on the table. Because table positions in poker are continuously altering, each player will play both blinds once per orbit. This occurs after each hand.

It may take some time to learn the complexities of poker and how to play it effectively. You might benefit from being more acquainted with further Poker jargon.

The Small Blind And The Big Blind

Although the sums required of players in the small and big blind positions are theoretically distinct, the words are commonly used interchangeably (also known as a forced bet).

At a poker table, the minimum stake is often used to determine the size of the big blind, whereas the small blind is half the size of the big blind. However, there is a slight potential that both blinds will equal the same amount.

The blinds are intended to be contributed by each player at the table, however, an ante bet is permissible.

In poker, how are blinds decided?

The process of establishing blinds in Poker is usually left up to the game’s host. The above-mentioned criteria for blind size are the ones we’ve established. Simply explained, a large blind is similar to two small blinds.

The host, on the other hand, has the option of changing the structure and selecting different values. The blind framework is important in the game and can help with a long-term strategy.


The appropriate explanation of poker blinds does not have to be complicated. It takes time to learn the game, but the more you play, the better you’ll get, and winning is often a matter of strategy.

The most important component of poker is remembering how much money to throw into the pot as a small blind or a huge blind. You can’t afford to lose the game if your stack isn’t growing for the same reason.

Forcing players to make wagers may not appear to be a sound tactic, but Poker would be extremely boring without them.

An introduction to poker for beginners

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Poker is one of the most popular casino games overall since it is played annually by millions of people from all over the world. Still, some gamblers do not have a thorough understanding of the regulations before placing a wager. This article describes the principles of the game as well as some beginner-friendly tips.

Obtain as much knowledge as possible.

Knowing the ins and outs is essential if you wish to achieve mastery in any endeavor. Poker’s gameplay is more complex than that of other online casino games. Due to the enormous stakes in poker, players cannot rely on a single, predetermined strategy; rather, they must be adaptable and make adjustments in the heat of battle. You should be aware of the following as a starting player:

Poker Hand Rankings

Of course, there are better poker hands than others; this much is obvious. As the cards go from best to worst in the following order, this is easily understood.

  • A royal flush, which can be made up of an Ace, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and card of the same suit, is the highest poker hand that can be made.
  • Five cards played consecutively, all from the same suit, make a straight flush.
  • Four cards with the same value in succession make up a hand with four of a kind.
  • Two pairs and three of a kind make up a complete house.
  • Five cards in a row, all from the same suit, are called a flush.
  • A straight is a group of five consecutive cards.
  • Three of a kind indicates that you have three cards that are the same.
  • There are two distinct sets of twos in a pair.
  • cards with the same value, or cards that are equivalent.
  • The player holding the highest card wins the pot if there isn’t another way to make a winning combination.

Vocabulary of Poker

Numerous terms and phrases are unique to poker. The Ante, the basic wager for playing the hand, is one of the few you’ll need to know. The term “bluff” is self-explanatory; it refers to an attempt to win a wager or pot without a particularly strong hand. If you “Fold,” the present hand is immediately lost.

Different Strategies

Because the most prevalent poker tactics necessitate a high degree of sophisticated mathematics as well as the ability to discern other players’ patterns, mastering these strategies is frequently regarded as an advanced skill. For many players, playing in an uncommon style could be a terrific place to start. Keeping the other players at the table guessing necessitates a combination of bluffs and playing out strong hands.


The next logical step after acquiring as much background knowledge as possible is to put that knowledge to use in actual practice. Playing free online poker games while traveling may also be helpful for some players. Once a player feels confident in his or her grasp of the basics, moving on to lower-stakes games is a natural next step.

Actively Involve

More and more people can observe and study poker because of the widespread adoption of technology. Online streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube provide users with access to a seemingly endless supply of poker-related content. In the long run, there are a few online courses and training methods that could be useful for players who are willing to go the extra mile.


Naturally, this piece’s suggestions are meant for greenhorns. There are many methods one might employ to improve poker skills at the professional level. Never forget that while skill plays a major role in poker, luck can make or break a hand. It doesn’t matter how well you play, if the cards aren’t falling your way, you’re going to lose most of the time.

5 Basic Casino Tricks that Online Gamblers Fail to Notice

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Gambling, like so much else in this internet age, has moved online. Some people do it for fun, while others do it to win. While luck plays a big part in gambling, knowing the ins and outs of online gambling is crucial if you want to make money. Learning the tactics and regulations of online gaming is just as beneficial. When combined with a smart betting strategy and responsible financial management, these pearls of wisdom should help you earn from online gambling in the long run.

1. Welcome Bonus

It is general knowledge among online gamblers that excellent bonus offers are routinely available at numerous gambling sites. These have the potential to produce a beneficial return on investment, notably the first deposit incentive. Numerous sites provide appealing first-deposit bonuses. By conducting some research, you can find the finest bonus offers and only play at the most reputable online casinos. You can also get bonuses from various websites, but make sure you understand the terms and conditions of cashing out and other things before giving them access to your money. If you employ bonuses correctly, you could win a large sum of money.

2. The House’s Advantage And The Volatility

Inexperienced people, in particular, frequently mix up the two. They are both indicators of the potential profitability of a casino game. Simply expressed, the house edge is the long-term percentage by which a player may anticipate losing money when playing a particular game. This percentage can drop to 0.5% or lower in games like blackjack. Volatility, on the other hand, relates to how dramatically the game’s momentum might alter. Extreme fluctuations in the amount won or lost would indicate a high-volatility game. In games with high volatility, the stakes are higher, but the potential profits are also bigger.

3. Abandoning a winning position

Despite its importance, many gamblers ignore it. Consider the fact that when you gamble, the chance is something you cannot control. If you’ve earned more than double what you put in for the day, you should call it a day. If you gambled too much, you could lose all of your gains. Many seasoned gamblers use this strategy to boost their long-term winnings.

4. Don’t play at shady internet gambling sites.

Many inexperienced online gamblers make the typical mistake of choosing questionable sites, even though they may offer greater odds. Remember that the proverb “if it appears too good to be true, it probably is” applies here. Many of these fake websites aim to acquire personal information from naïve visitors by enticing them with bonuses and other incentives. If someone gets their hands on your banking information, they can steal your money, but they also put your identity at risk. Many of these websites expressly indicate in their terms and conditions that they may share your personal information with advertising and other third parties. Gambling should be done only on well-known and secure websites.

5. Avoid superstition.

Many gamblers are well-known for having superstitious tendencies. When you join a reputable gaming website, keep in mind that every twist and turn is just coincidental. In reality, holding to superstitious concepts may cause you to miss out on chances just as readily as they help you maintain the status quo. Let rid of your worries and focus on strengthening your skills. Try these games that need technique and talent rather than luck.

Make Friends Gambling

Which one’s Jerry?

So you lost a grand.

Never mind. Easy come, easy go, hey. Not really but there’s more to life than money.

I’ve got some gambling friends.

Yes, it makes it sound like I’ve just returned from a session of Gamblers Anonymous. A small, darkened room, above the local post office. Five men talking about their toils and tribulations. Pony, cockle and monkey talk, while another remembers the good times with his light wand visiting Las Vegas.

I’ve never been to a meeting for GA. However, I have met a few good people who share an interest in gambling, predominantly horse racing and casino action. Who says gambling is all about the betting?

Perhaps it was Aristotle.

To be honest, if it hadn’t been for my Dad’s love of gambling I doubt being a gambler would ever registered with me. Thankfully, I haven’t turned into an addict else I might not be so complimentary about such endeavours.

What do they say about a deck of cards being the devil’s bible.

Every September we would go on our family holidays to Caister-on-sea. It was the Ladbrokes Caravan Park. The Norfolk coast at its best. The 1970s was a time children were encouraged to gamble. Dad would go to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth Racecourse, three days of thoroughbred horse racing and bets. My twin brother and I would play one-armed bandits in the on-site arcade. I can even remember playing an old Jenson Indian Head slot machine, which was a left over from the good old days.

Nowadays they are worth a couple of grand.

My parents smoked, loved alcohol and bet like it was going out of fashion!

It never did me any harm. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, so two out of three isn’t bad.

Do I have any regrets about gambling.


Gambling and my interest in horse racing turned into my business and makes me a decent living, even better, I do something which is my passion. Very few people can say that. And along the way I have met some very interesting people.

For example:

Meeting Jerry Banks, Lowestoft pro gambler many times at Great Yarmouth races, chatting all things horse racing and going for an Indian meal thereafter.

Many visits to the Grosvenor Casino with friends and having a brilliant time.

Working alongside many bloggers from horse racing, casinos and tennis for years and learning insight which is a privilege.

Had free entry as an owner for simply helping promote racing syndicates such as Ontoawinner.

For many, gambling is something feared or stigmatised as somehow being a dirty word. However, for me it has been nothing but an adventure and a road which has been populated with lovely people and winning days.

Good luck.

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