A Perfect Job is a global platform helping locums connect with the right locum agency. Locums are in charge of creating their own perfect job ads. These ads are then matched against the right agencies.

Since our first discussion about the project we were enthusiastic to work with A Perfect Job on such an interesting project. A Perfect Job wanted their web application to be global and designed in a unique way with interesting features. The main purpose of the web application was to make it as easy as possible for locums to find their perfect job anywhere in the world in their preferred medical field.

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Goal Definitions
Easy to Use

The website had to be clear to locums and agencies and clearly show what A Perfect Job offers. The system had to be easy to use and navigate.

Available Worldwide

A Perfect Job wanted their system available globally. Global infrastructure and content delivery had to be designed and built in AWS.

Unique Features

A Perfect Job is about disrupting the industry with innovative and unique features that make it easy for locums to connect with agencies.

Credits Purchases

Agencies needed the option of purchasing credits using Paypal or card. A Perfect Job’s preferred payment gate had to be integrated with the system.

UX Designs

Wireframes and Design concept

Because all web users are unique we wanted to create a good user experience for most people who are likely to use A Perfect Job website and its web application. Taking into account key usability principles, human behaviour research and neuroscience.

Agile development

A Perfect Job web application uses the latest set of tools. Great technology makes great things happen!

Web application

A Perfect Job web application makes it easy for locums to create ads while searching for their next dream job. The algorithm connects locums to the right agencies and notifies them as soon as new ads are published. Agencies can set up filters for various medical sectors and countries where they search for available locums.

Mobile Application Concept

Since A Perfect Job business model is to be a global medical job platform connecting locums and agencies having a mobile app is the next step in becoming a world leader. Empire Elements created iOS mobile app concept designs to showcase the information architecture and functionality of a mobile app.

  • User centred, modern design
  • Launched globally
  • Responsive design
  • AWS Automatic scaling
  • Payments integration
  • Encrypted file storage
AWS cloud architecture

A Perfect Job runs its website infrastructure on AWS including content delivery and email services. By using AWS, A Perfect Job web application can auto scale to support sudden increases in web traffic. Using AWS the application also features SSL certificate, unlimited encrypted object storage, elastic computing units and Docker containers.

AWS Global Infrastructure

To deliver content to end users with lower latency, Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 160 Points of Presence (149 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries

Countries Launched
Global launch

Thanks to AWS, A Perfect Job was launched globally.

Agencies Worldwide
Worldwide reach

Agencies from around the world can easily register.

Job Placements
Reaching goals

Since its global launch A Perfect Job has grown rapidly.