Investor pitch deck designed to wow your angel investors

Your pitch deck is the first impression your angel investor gets of your tech startup. Make it count!

Investors look at pitch decks for just an average of 3 minutes and 44 seconds. An excellent investor pitch deck can make obtaining financing for your startup much more likely. Let's create a compelling and interesting investor pitch deck for your potential investors.

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Includes content, structure, design of unlimited slides! Let's not go crazy though, 10 or 12 slides is enough.

Get your investors interested

The idea behind an investor pitch deck is to make a potential angel investor interested in speaking with you. When you send your deck slides to investors when approaching them via email, you must convey your idea in a simple to understand pitch.

Showcase your app

Just because you are approaching tech investors doesn't mean they are technical. Make it even easier for investors to understand your product by showing them a clickable app prototype that can even be downloaded on their mobile.

Show that you mean business

Angel investors are interested in you, the entrepreneur, more than in your idea. They want to see that you are dedicated to making your idea a success. Having a plan and the right team behind you to execute that plan is what can make or break a deal.

Struggling to create your pitch deck?

Well structured and visually appealing slide deck can increase your chances of successful funding

Our mission is to design an engaging investor pitch deck that speaks directly to your angel investors.


Pitch strategy call

Let's schedule a call to discuss and define your goals to create and deliver a deck slide that showcases your product and company message.


Pitch deck content

Your pitch deck needs to tell a story. Using the right content flow and words can improve your chances of having a successful pitch with your investors.


Deck slide design

A visually appealing, clear and well-structured deck is a must if you want your investors to quickly understand your idea and how it will make them money in return for their investment.


* Investor pitch deck created by Empire Elements for My Hippo Space helped them secure an investment from easyJet.

Focus on research and data.
Let us handle your deck design.

You have a startup to build. Designing an investor pitch deck and mobile app prototype takes time. Luckily we have experience in transforming your idea to an interactive prototype in 30 days, creating clear and visually appealing pitch deck while we are at it.

The finished result is a deck slide presentation to show your investors why they should invest in you and your idea.

A tech startup pitch deck designed with one goal in mind - investment.

Stop worrying about having to learn how to design an investor pitch deck or interactive prototype to support your pitch. Concentrate on practising your pitch while we take care of the rest.

* A pitch deck that we can be proud of is a deck that helps your tech startup get funded.

Helping you get funded
£ 1,495

Investor focused pitch deck

Simple, well-structured layout

Visually engaging design

Accurate content and data

Showcasing your idea / product

The right flow of content

Fast delivery times

Unlimited slides

Buy now £1,495

Review / redesign my existing pitch deck

Would you like a professional audit of your angel investor pitch deck? Making your slide deck more visually appealing, straight to the point and informative for potential investors.

Schedule a call

What format is my pitch deck delivered in?

Your angel investor pitch deck slides will be delivered in whichever format you prefer. Let us know and we'll make it happen - .pdf, .pptx or .keynote.


Is my data confidential?

Your privacy is safe with us; we understand you may be anxious sharing your idea, if you would feel more comfortable, we can sign an NDA. All information exchanged or discussed is confidential and not shared or stored.


Can you add animations to my pitch deck?

Absolutely! Simple animations such as sliding or fading can be implemented at no extra charge.


What do I need to provide?

Your draft pitch deck (if you have one), notes, research, details about your tech startup so we can understand the problem you solve, solution your provide and your target market. Your logo and branding guidelines (if you don't have this, we can make it happen!)

Get funded with well-structured pitch deck

Get a professionally designed angel investor pitch deck.

Stop wasting time and money trying to design an engaging and informative angel investor pitch deck all by yourself. Your pitch deck can increase your chances of raising funding, make it count! Investors see thousands of pitches; let's make yours stand out.

Buy now £1,495