Your idea into prototype in 30 days

Are you ready to start making your idea a reality?

Imagine using your future app by having an interactive prototype on your smartphone 30 days from today. A prototype you can show your investors and customers to gather valuable feedback on how to make your app even better.

Our startup app prototype development package is ideal for entrepreneurs like you looking to get a working prototype in just one month.

Fast product development

Get valuable feedback from your early adopters and change the product features quickly to make your customers happy.

Clickable demonstration

Wow, your investors with the interactive prototype they can see on their phones and show them why they should invest.

Technology stack just for you

Part of this package is a detailed technical specification sheet - a technological blueprint for your future app.

Clear path forward

Building your idea can be a joy.

Forget jargon or tech talk. Work with us to focus on your customers and your business. In three simple steps, we get to your prototype in just 30 days. And we do the tech stuff in the background.


Problem your app solves

Let's get down to business and find out how your idea is unique, what problem does it solve for users and how to add value to users.


Key functionality requirements

Building a prototype in 30 days is not an easy task but concentrating on core functionality features first lets us create the right product from the start.


Sharing your prototype

Once your clickable prototype is built, you can use it on your phone just as if it was a real mobile app. Why not invite your most valued customers, friends, early adopters or investors to use your future app for themselves and give you feedback.


Get your app investment-ready
Launch a better product faster.

Imagine what can happen in a month - a fantastic new prototype on your phone. And phones of your investors lining up to back your idea because they clearly see the potential. You can demonstrate your app idea in great detail using a prototype.

When the time to market matters

Developing a new product is not easy. With our team behind you, together we can move fast and create your prototype in just 30 days.

* Don't worry; this is not a sales meeting

With us you get more
£ 11,945

Your idea to a prototype

Target audience research

User stories and flows

Beautiful app UI design

Clickable demo for investors

Clear definition of MVP

Technology specification document

Active help to build a better product

1st milestone in your startup journey

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Get a clear idea of the journey ahead, how much investment you need and what technology would be best to use for developing your app idea.

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What do I get?

You get the complete first stage of app development in a neat package. It includes user journeys, wireframes, research into your industry and audience, modern app design and a clear definiton of what should be done in the next phase - MVP development. On the top you also get technology stack document for your app and our help and years of experience to help you craft a better product. With this product you can tick off the 1st milestone in your app development journey. And you will get a winning pitch deck we used ourselves to win easyParking project.


What do I need to provide?

You don't need to provide anything. From the initial call and first meeting we will be taking notes, making sketches and putting your idea into reality right in front of you.


What guarantees can you provide?

As a UK registered business we provide a lot of guarantees to our clients. High quality, clear plan forward, measurable milestones and free, unbias advice to make your idea a great success.


Can you sign an NDA?

Yes of course, that's no problem at all. We are happy to sign your NDA or if you don't have one we can provide ours.


Where are you based

Our two British CEOs live in Surrey, UK and have headquarters right here. Our team of 50+ engineers work remotely across Europe.

Get started today

Amaze your investors with interactive prototype

Stop wasting time and finances trying to do it the "right way", building a product without knowing your value proposition. Follow a proven plan and start with a clickable prototype.

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