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Do A Wilson Native iOS mobile app development

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, the app uses facial recognition technology to apply live filters, masks, effects, and animations. Users can chat with each other or in a group chat. Most liked posts are displayed on the trending Wilsons home screen to maximise exposure and give users an overview of what is the most popular content.

mobile app screen showing trending wilsons

Do a Wilson business goals

We started with a simple idea. I'm at the party, and I want to take a video with amazing masks and to post it to all the party people out there! Do A Wilson mobile app idea was exciting from the start. Developing a brand new social media networking app for iOS was a challenge our team eagerly accepted. It's not every day we get to work with amazing new augmented reality technology.

DeepAR facial recognition

Live face masks and accessories are the main features. DeepAR came on top when we researched available technologies, works on humans and pets too!

Apple in-app purchases

Do a Wilson offers its users the option to upgrade to VIP subscription and get instant access to all masks and accessories.

Serverless cloud architecture

Do A Wilson mobile app requires a robust, scalable and secure platform with a truly global reach. Our DevOps built AWS architecture that is completely serverless.

mobile app screen showing a woman in Burning man headgear
mobile app screen showing a woman in La Muerte mask

It's all about that perfect selfie

It wouldn't be a social networking party app without cool video and photo selfies #doawilson

Live face masks

15 unique 3D face masks including Burning man headgear and face mask, Venice carnival, Mayan and even Egyptian pharaoh and Cleopatra.

Fun accessories

Our 3D designer created 27 accessories from funky glasses, hats, devil horns, afro hair, Cuban cigar and La Muerte headdress for him or her.

Filters and emojis

Instagram like filters, cool effects such as breathing fire, rainbows or bubbles. Over 3,000 emojis and emoji-inspired Poo and Unicorn sticker packs.

GIPHY stickers API

Our mobile app developers integrated the largest library of animated GIPHY stickers into the app to make selfies even cooler, unique and fun.

mobile app screen showing subscription prompt
mobile app screen showing chat between two people

Making your ideas awesome

  • Trending Wilsons

    Empire Elements conceptualised and built a trending section within the platform’s home screen. That functionality curates images and videos, also known as Wilsons, with a lot of likes and displays the posts for greater exposure.

  • Sendbird API

    One to one and group chat options are offered to VIP subscribers using Sendbird API . Users can send photos and videos in the chat and create group chats with friends.

  • Foursquare API

    When posting a Wilson users can tag their location or venue thanks to the industry-leading Foursquare Places API. Tagged posts can be featured on trending Wilsons home screen but only if they become popular and are liked by a lot of users. 😍👍

Amazing 3D masks and effects

One of a kind animated masks aimed at party people. Stick your tongue out and be a scary clown or how about a selfie while having your skull on fire?

Burning man gas mask
Cleopatra 3D mask
Ibiza Clown mask
Fire skull face mask
Maya warrior 3d mask
La Muerta mask
Pharaoh face mask
Rio Carnival face mask design

Funny Accessories and filters

You can still add accessories and filters to your new look. We added a lot of eyewear and hats for you to pick from. Altogether 27 pieces of accessories. 😱

3D clown glasses mask
Colored hat accessories
American flag hat mask
3D funky devil glasses
Ola! Mexican hat 3D accessories
Muerte hat mask
Viking hat 3D accessories mask

Results that count

Bringing everything into one awesome party experience.


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Masks and accessories

App screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words

mobile app screen showing trending wilsons
mobile app screen showing feed of videos and photos
.mobile app screen showing vip subscription prompt
mobile app screen showing preview of new post
mobile app screen showing my profile
mobile app screen showing search
mobile app screen showing chat list
mobile app screen showing comments on posts
mobile app screen showing picking location
mobile app screen showing woman in La Muerte mask
mobile app screen showing chat detail
mobile app screen showing posting a wilson
mobile app screen showing profile detail

Technology that makes great things happen

We use the latest trends because you deserve the best


logo for do a wilson

Empire Elements delivered a high-quality app that’s visually appealing and easy-to-use. They’re responsible for the platform’s graphical elements, innovative features, and backend functionality. Director-level engagement facilitates a communicative and transparent experience. They operate on a flexible schedule and respond to our questions seven days week. Most of the world only works Monday thru Friday, but building a business is 24/7 commitment. Empire Elements understands that concept and is always available to us.

Monaco Frank, CEO & Founder

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