iMessage cat sticker pack

Jack the Cat Sticker app for iOS

Jack the Cat is a collection of illustrated cat stickers that are used in the iMessage app on iPhone and iPad.

iphone imessage with Jack stickers

The idea

Jack the Cat project is a unique design of iMessage sticker app based on two real-world cats. Created carefully for the smallest of the audience, children of age four years and above. Because cats rule the internet. That's a fact! 😺😻😼

Unique design

The concept of Jack the Cat is based on two real-world cats converted into lovable cartoon characters.

Children audience

From the start, Jack's sticker app was designed for children audience only, following strict guidelines.

Global reach

With the biggest iOS App Store our app is now available for purchase in all regions all around the world.

illustrated cats from the back
illustrated cats in mobile

Cat cuteness overload

  • Built with X-code

    Jack the Cat uses iOS development platform exclusively. Built with X-code for iPhone and iPad devices that use iMessage chats.

  • Fun conversations

    Final product iMessage Sticker App in action, adding infinite cuteness to your conversations!

  • Expressive

    Jack the Cat sticker packs consist of two cats with a series of specific expressions. Each expression was carefully designed to reflect the cat's personality.

Adorable cat stickers

Mischievous cats stickers for all the cat lovers out there.

Cat behind a Cat computer illustration
Cat and a box illustration
Jack with ladybird on his nose
Ceesar cat sleeping illustration
Cat facepalm illustration
Jack the cat sleeping
Cat sitting illustration
Jack the cat with a lion wig illustration


logo for Jack the cat

I was looking for a creative mobile app development company in London that could take on the task of creating fun stickers based on my two cats. I sent them photos of the cats and some ideas on the expressions. Empire Elements created these super cute stickers, I loved them straight away. They also helped with the app submission to the App Store.

London, UK Jack, hooman

Download the app

Add some fun into your text messages on your iPhone or iPad. Express yourself, react to messages with cute cat stickers.

It usually starts with: "I've got this crazy idea!"

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