Storage, parking and desk Space

My Hippo Space Web application and hybrid iOS and Android mobile app development

Helping people to rent out their space to those who need it. It's like Airbnb but for storage. Hosts can list their garden sheds, spare rooms, garages or lofts for storage space. Driveway or garage for parking space. Office co-working places can list their desks for rent. Renters have access to affordable and local space.

my hippo space mobile app map location and pin

Ambitious idea

We like crazy ambitious ideas. We love working with entrepreneurs that wish to disrupt the industry. My Hippo Space is precisely that. A new product that enters establishing market and changes it. This project was very complex, and our whole team worked tirelessly for a year to deliver My Hippo Space on three platforms.

Web portal

Web portal user experience is designed to bridge mobile and web users together into one single eco-centre offering the same functionality but the different user experience for each platform.

Mobile app

Hybrid mobile app development route was chosen as the best approach to developing a mobile app for both platforms at the same time. We used React Native mobile app framework.

Planned expansion

My Hippo Space platform was designed to be expandable to new geographical regions using user localisation with different rules and currencies and of course illustrations.

My Hippo Space mobile app showing active booking
My Hippo Space mobile app choose type of storage boxes

Creating micro-economy

Helping people earn extra income from renting out their garages, spare rooms and loft for storage or parking.


Renters can make bookings of any storage, any location, any country. We integrated the commission calculation and offer two types of payments.


Upgrade to host account and start listing your space. Hosts have full control of their spaces, booking costs, availability and instant payouts.

Your storage offers

You are in control of your storage cost. The host sets the price, and the renter can accept or decline each offer.

Storage, parking and desks

The client wanted three types of products available from the start. Each class has a slightly different approach.

My Hippo Space mobile app with map pin
My Hippo Space mobile app screen pending booking

Exciting features

  • Stripe and PayPal integration

    Multiple payment platforms integration are available. Card payments, bank account payouts, Apple Pay or PayPal. We have done it all.

  • Hippojis and illustrations

    Fully custom illustrations and Hippojis is what sets this project apart. Visually appealing and friendly UI is what we were going for.

  • Instant host payouts

    My Hippo Space offers the host instant payouts. When the booking is made, you get paid without any delays or administration work.

  • Space occupancy calculations

    Hosts have unprecedented control of their storage space on offer. Our system shows the capacity you still have available.

Simple and powerful admin panel

Make bookings, list your space, accept offers on any platform. Powerful use of administration panel that offers a beautiful UI, solid user experience and robust business platform.

Bookings expiring within 30 days Automatic occupancy rate calculation Earnings this month Booking requests from Renters

Airbnb of storage

Easy bookings, fast payments, on web and mobile

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Hippojis icons and map pin

A novel idea that turned into a great unique selling point. Emojis for My Hippo Space became the Hippojis.

Hippoji really happy
Hippoji smile
Hippoji not sure illustration
Hippoji sad expression
Angry Hippo Hippoji
Hippoji map pin custom illustration

App screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words

mobile app screen showing active booking
mobile app screen showing screen to book storage space
mobile app screen showing calendar
mobile app screen showing Host dashboard
mobile app screen showing Host profile
mobile app screen showing listing a space
mobile app screen showing a map with location pin
mobile app screen showing Host's spaces
mobile app screen showing payments
mobile app screen showing register screen
mobile app screen showing review details
mobile app screen showing space detail
mobile app screen showing storage suitability
mobile app screen showing welcome screen
mobile app screen showing summary of a booking
mobile app screen showing bookings
mobile app screen showing pending bookings
mobile app screen showing expiring bookings
mobile app screen showing map and your location
mobile app screen showing map pins

Technology that makes great things happen

We use the latest trends because you deserve the best


Empire Elements delivered a high-quality app that’s visually appealing and easy-to-use. They’re responsible for the platform’s graphical elements, innovative features, and backend functionality. Director-level engagement facilitates a communicative and transparent experience. They operate on a flexible schedule and respond to our questions seven days week. Most of the world only works Monday thru Friday, but building a business is 24/7 commitment. Empire Elements understands that concept and is always available to us.

Monaco Frank, CEO & Founder

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