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Nexus Security Web application and native Android mobile app development

Nexus is UK's largest outsourced mobile security company, operating 24/7, striving to deliver service and technology to lead the security outsourcing industry. In just a few years Nexus has become the leading and largest security outsourcing company in the UK.

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Nexus business goals

Nexus partnered with Empire Elements at the beginning of their venture in 2010. Nexus had a vision of how to revolutionise security outsourcing services industry and Empire Elements had the expertise to build such a complex project. Together we created Nexus web application, an online business worth over £15mil today and growing.

Scalable solution

To support continuous expansion and ability to grow the business rapidly without limitations Nexus needed a scalable solution.

24/7 availability

Nexus operates 24/7 and required a robust system that would be available constantly with minimal disruption to operations.

Custom solution

Nexus needed fully custom developed solution to meet their unique requirements and future feature development.

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nexus mobile app screen with a list of activities

Purpose built hybrid mobile app

To further grow their business and improve its efficiency Nexus needed Android mobile app developed. It would become the UK’s 1st purpose built security outsourcing mobile app used by more than 300 Network Partners.

User groups

There are five different groups of users that can use Nexus web and mobile app. Each has different privileges and can complete certain tasks.

Custom app

Nexus Android app is built and distributed as a custom app for business. It's distributed directly to the customer using a code.

GPS tracking

GPS location tracking is used so managers can see that the report and pictures were completed on the location. Providing proof of presence for each site they visit.

API integration

Nexus mobile app is heavily reliant on the web app and its data. Data is not only displayed in the app but also send back to the web app.

nexus mobile app screen with settings
nexus mobile app screen with a modal window

Robust AWS infrastructure supporting rapid growth

  • AWS migration

    Nexus business expanded and grown so much that their hosting solution was no longer viable in terms of reliability, cost and maintenance. The migration to AWS took 4 months but the newly designed cloud architecture is robust and scalable to support rapid growth.

  • Data visualization

    Nexus web app displays useful statistics and graphs relating to all activity types. Users can filter data by dates or type of activity.

  • Advanced reporting

    Nexus uses real time on site reporting in the Android app, customers can access information immediately and download photographs, videos and site-specific information.

Innovating UK security outsourcing since 2010

Nexus understands the importance of innovation and is constantly striving to be the best in their field.

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AWS auto-scaling to plan for traffic spikes

Improving service reliability

Start the right way
Start with robust infrastructure

Thinking about having a web or mobile app developed to automate your business and reduce cost?

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Results that count

Nexus has reached several milestones over the years. Android mobile app use is growing steadily. Allowing more automation in the company and faster operations.


Security activities


Daily app users


% faster development


% increase in automation

Technology that makes great things happen

We use the latest trends because you deserve the best


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We are very happy to have finally found web and mobile app development company in London that listens to our ideas, finds solutions on executing and improving them and then delivering much more than expected. It was clear from the beginning of our co-operation with Empire Elements that they honestly care about our business success and growth. For them it doesn't end with completing the project. The support, new ideas and innovation just keep coming. Empire Elements is working with us not for us, always finding ways to make our new and bold ideas happen. We love how they embrace new technologies and introduce us to innovative and cost effective solutions. Our web and mobile apps are at the core of the business, they have to be available all the time. With Empire Elements' expertise in web and mobile app development and AWS cloud architecture we can be UK's leading security outsourcing company. Migrating to AWS have substantially cut our hosting costs. We can completely trust and rely on Empire Elements to support our business even when things don't go as planned.

It usually starts with: "I've got this crazy idea!"

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