Electric e-bike rental in Vienna

Scoob-E Hybrid iOS and Android mobile app development

The Scoob-E mobile app offers high-end electric bike rental service in Vienna, Austria. Anyone from the age of 12 can drive Scoob-E without the need for driving license or a helmet. There is no need to pedal because Scoob-E is fully electric with a battery that is easily detachable and charged at the socket.

Scoob-E mobile app home screen with map

Scoob-E business goals

Scoob-E needed mobile app developers in the UK to design and develop their idea of an electric bike rental service into a functional mobile application. They wanted to develop it for iOS and Android and also have the ability to sell Scoob-E bikes through the mobile app. At first, the mobile application was launched in Vienna, but plans for expansion into Monaco, St. Barths and other luxury locations are on the list.

Automated rental service

Automation of tasks is a must to keep business costs as low as possible. The availability of Scoob-E bikes is calculated automatically, preventing double bookings and making the management of e-bikes better for each rental centre.

Hybrid iOS and Android app

We helped the client decide to go down the route of hybrid mobile app development. Although Android is most popular in the European market, there are markets with the growing use of iOS where Scoob-E is planning to expand.

Multiple countries

We knew since the first discussions with Scoob-E that there will be a rapid expansion into different countries, each country has its own business entity, our hybrid app developers integrated payments to be diverted accordingly.

Scoob-E mobile app screen with a booking confirmation
Scoob-E mobile app loading screen

Designed for the user

High-end electric bike rental mobile app for iOS and Android

Modern UX/UI design

Designed with the user in mind, using the latest design illustration trends.

Location-based experience

Functional and informative map showing only the relevant rental centres in a specific location.

Buy or rent a Scoob-E

Users can buy or rent Scoob-Es in the mobile application with a few simple steps.

Extend your rental

It takes just a few taps to extend Scoob-E rental thanks to the intuitive design.

Scoob-E mobile app screen showing next steps
Scoob-E mobile app payments screen

Exciting features

  • Stripe payments

    Our app developers integrated Stripe payments in both mobile applications because they are the leading payments provider.

  • Apple Pay

    Users can pay for Scoob-E rentals by a touch of a finger using Apple Pay, the most convenient, secure and fastest payment out there.

  • QR codes

    When picking up or returning Scoob-E users scan a QR code with their mobile phone, tightly integrated with bike availability management.

Results that count

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App screenshots

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Scoob-E mobile app confirmation of a booking
Scoob-E mobile app screen with bookings
Scoob-E mobile app notification access to camera
Scoob-E mobile app screen with map
Scoob-E mobile app screen with loading animation
Scoob-E mobile app screen notification
Scoob-E mobile app screen payment
Scoob-E mobile app screen showing profile
Scoob-E mobile app screen showing reporting an issue
Scoob-E mobile app settings screen
Scoob-E mobile app notification
Scoob-E mobile app next steps notification

Technology that makes great things happen

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logo for Scoob-E

Empire Elements delivered a web and mobile app for our Vienna electric bike company. The website is aimed at those wanting to buy a Scoob-E for personal or business use. Ios and Android mobile applications are mainly for users that would like to hire an electric bike while they are staying in Vienna. We are already receiving orders via the website. We are planning expansion to Monaco, The Netherlands and St. Barths and looking forward to working with Empire Elements again. The project management, communication and development are smooth and enjoyable. They always bring new ideas and ways to improve the mobile app for users.

Vienna, Austria Frank, CEO

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