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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the industry leader in cloud computing, offering a range of 175 fully-featured services from EC2 computing, S3 Object storage, CloudFront CDN, serverless Lambda and machine learning and quantum computing. AWS is prising itself for being secure, robust and scalable and within reach of small businesses and startups. Their pricing is transparent. You only pay for what you use.

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Global. Secure. Scalable

Global infrastructure

Building mobile and web applications for a global audience is much easier with a global infrastructure. With Amazon Web Services, you have access to a genuinely global cloud computing platform that can scale with your app demands. AWS Regions offer low latency, low packet loss, and high overall network quality. Every data centre is interconnected via a purpose-built 100 GbE fibre network.

Pay Per Use

Amazon Web Services pricing is similar to your water or energy bill. You pay only for what you used, no long-term contracts or expensive data centre upgrades. There are no additional costs or termination fees. It is a very transparent costing model ideal for growing your global app into a worldwide success story, without any restrictions or expensive overheads.


From EC2 to Lambda, AWS always focuses on speed, reliability and security. Allowing companies like Empire Elements to build robust and scalable mobile and web applications in the cloud, for a global audience. Our motto is from an idea to a million users. That is only possible with high-performance computing platform with a full set of ready to use features.

AWS architecture assessment

Ensure scalability and performance for the future

Optimise use of services and cost

Improve speed to market continuous deployment

Global and scalable architecture

Your application needs to scale with demand. When you hit a higher growth rate, the last thing you need is to move the cloud platform because it cannot keep up. Your cloud computing platform should be reliable and allow for fast innovation. All our projects are set up for a million users, with development, staging and production environments, with automatic pipelines. Amazon Web Services is the best place to build your apps in global regions you need.

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Creating scalable AWS architecture was absolutely essential to our business. Without a reliable platform, we have no business.
Mark Stanton, Nexus Security

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Robust and stable AWS architecture should be at the core of your web or mobile app development

Building Startup apps

Startups and entrepreneurs usually come to us asking for advice and help to make their web and mobile application hosting platform more robust, secure or cheaper to run. We can start with an infrastructure audit, planning a better architecture and making upgrades in such a way that do not impact your business.

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AWS architecture design


Certified solutions architects

AWS certified cloud solutions architects and AWS certified DevOps engineers have the expertise to design, architect, build and manage robust and scalable AWS infrastructures.

AWS certified cloud solutions architects

Your cloud management team

Our team can work as an extension of your organisation. Moving innovation forward, optimising costs, applying regular updates and assisting your business operations.

AWS cloud platform can help you gain new business insights, deliver services rapidly and develop solutions to address any business needs. No need for significant investments, pay for what you use is an excellent concept to grow your startup business globally.

Your global foundation for your app

A complete set of tools

S3 Storage and backups

How would you like virtually infinite storage space for your customer pictures or documents? If you run a SaaS platform or a user-centric mobile app, you can have endless storage with Amazon S3.

CloudFront CDN

Get your content to a datacentre closer to your customer. A global content delivery network like Amazon CloudFront serves images and videos in one of the 216 Points of Presence worldwide

Virtual Private Cloud

When you need granular control over your network. Amazon VPC allows you to use a logically isolated section of the AWS Cloud in a virtual network that you define.

Auto Scaling

What if your app could scale up with increasing demand and scale down when traffic is low to save costs? Yes, that's precisely what AWS Auto Scaling does, and it's available for computing power as well as databases.

Elastic Beanstalk

Deploying and managing web applications becomes routine with AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It grows with your application. Elastic Beanstalk is the fastest and most straightforward way to deploy your application on AWS and is impossible to outgrow.

AWS Lambda

Serverless computing at amazon with AWS Lambda means no servers to manage, yay! AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage servers, and it scales as necessary.

Relational Database Service

Amazon RDS service is way to set up, manage and scale your application database. Again, AWS makes it easier to scale with demand and provision computing power you need. RDS is compatible with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Aurora.

AWS Amplify

Amazon's development platform that includes everything you need to build and test secure, scalable mobile and web applications. AWS Amplify is the fastest way to build mobile and web applications in the cloud.

Amazon SageMaker

Your data can be analysed to gain valuable business insight or to make a better user experience by offering more customisation. Amazon SageMaker is a managed service that provides you with the ability to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models quickly.

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Not sure how AWS cloud computing works

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

AWS offers pay for what you use model for pretty much every service. Additionally, there are around 50% discounts on long-term reserved instances, and other volume discounts can apply. You actually spend less; more you use the service. It is up to AWS Architects like Empire Elements DevOps team to create architecture around your business and your costing expectations. If your costs are higher, maybe you need to talk to us and get architecture audit to see where we can save you some money.
Yes, it absolutely is. AWS is very vigilant about your security, and we can build your application security from the ground app, using encryption and key rotations and other industry standards to make your business secure and resilient.

AWS also offers G-Cloud, which is a government-approved framework to use commodity-based, pay-as-you-go cloud services.
AWS offers 175 fully-featured services on its cloud platform and is the largest cloud platform in the world. Your business or startup can benefit from simple storage to computing power on demand, business data analysis, game technology and machine learning and VR. They even have a quantum computing service -harnessing the laws of quantum mechanics, and Ground Station software to manage your satellite communications.

Anything can be built, even the craziest ideas.
Serverless computing, as the name suggests, is a way to build modern applications without any servers 😮. Empire Elements built completely serverless projects like Do A Wilson and Scoob-E before that automatically scale up with demand. The main benefit of serverless computing is cutting down maintenance costs, running code directly on the AWS services framework.
Yes, it can since December 2019 AWS opened London region 🇬🇧. UK Businesses now have the option to store and encrypt their data in UK based datacentre. AWS London Region makes it easier to comply with various business audits, including GDPR.

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