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Building amazing mobile apps on the Android platform with 87% market share. Android app ecosystem is rich and diverse, and the new Android ten is making way to increasing variety of new devices. Our developers are skilled in Native development in Kotlin or Hybrid app development in React Native, Ionic and also Flutter. We'll help you choose to make the best business decision.

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Android app development

Welcoming Android 10, an essential Android update

Android 10 has a central focus on privacy and security, with almost 50 features that give users greater protection, transparency, and control. It's now more relevant for your business than ever.

Google Android

Migrate your app to the Android ten mobile operating system and use the new features like Dark Mode or utilise new security features like storage encryption and TLS 1.3

Google Kotlin

Kotlin is Google's new, open-source standard IDE for Android development, and answer to ageing JAVA development. Kotlin takes a different approach

Google Play store
Play Store

Google Play Store is the place to get your app on the Android platform. It now has over 1 Billion users worldwide, and there are 3.5 million android apps in the store

Google Firebase

Firebase is Google's awesome mobile platform that includes number of services to build better mobile applications. Firebase offers database, cloud storage and 18 other services

Professional, experienced and dedicated

Our Android mobile app developers have 10+ years in the western markets with a proven plan to build your mobile app from a simple idea. We'll help you to make your app a great success, worldwide.

Headquarters in London

Our headquarters has always been in London, UK and we are a UK registered company. Our developers are mostly in Europe, and we collaborate remotely in a task-based environment.

15+ years of experience

All our designers and developers are hand-picked with at least 5+ years of commercial experience, and our team helps you to make the right development decisions for your business.

Do A Wilson Deep AR SDK kit
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Power of native app development

Kotlin for android app development

Native with Kotlin

Arguably a successor to Java development. It's easier to maintain and create your app's new features, delivering your updates faster. Kotlin makes Android development much more manageable.

Flutter UI toolkit

With Flutter, you can apply the same UI and business logic across many platforms easier. Reducing code development time and increase time to market if you need fast MVP development.

Google Pay

Google Pay for Business is the best payment integration on Android platforms. Money sent directly to your bank account with no fees and customers can make payments even with QR codes.

NFC Support

Near Field Communication has many excellent businesses uses. It can be used for payments or even for guards to patrol a perimeter, as we did for the Nexus Android project.

Nexus app listing activities
Nexus android app activity report submit

Delivering ready to launch mobile apps

Android app design process from start to finish

  • Research and consultation

    First, we discuss your idea or business app in detail and research the technology behind your app features. We'll help you decide which is better for your business, hybrid or a native app development process.

  • Planning and prototype

    Next step is to create a plan of your app. A blueprint of the user journeys, wireframes and entire app into a clickable prototype you can see on your phone.

  • MVP app development

    With a clear idea of what to build and how we then set out to code your new mobile app. MVP app development for a startup is our speciality. We like to help to make your app better, more useful and commercially successful. We will guide you from an idea to a million users.

Assets we deliver

With us, you get more. A transparent development process that you can track every week, all IP is yours, protected and in safe hands with our team with 15+ years of experience.

User flows

A detailed blueprint of your user's journey through your app for a smooth user experience


Screen by screen visual representation of your entire idea and all design elements

UX & UI design

Creating fantastic user experience and beautiful mobile app designs

Interactive prototype

Show investors the actual idea on the phone and amaze them with interactive animations

Cloud architecture

Designed to support rapid growth and worldwide expansion is essential for successful startups

API integration

Connect with amazing third-party services like chat, app notifications, GPS location and transaction APIs

Code in GitHub

The entire development is stored in your GitHub repository including tickets and documentation

QA testing

Thorough testing and quality assurance during the entire development process at no extra cost

Your accounts

We always use your accounts for AWS, Google Computing Cloud, Firebase and Android Play Store

App store submission

Yes, we will submit the app into the Google Play store for you and help you with the review process

100 days guarantee

Our code comes with 100 days of warranty; we will fix any bugs you might find, absolutely FREE of charge

Long term partnership

Building your app together we want to form a lasting business relationship, supporting your app long term

From an idea to millions of users

Many ideas start as crazy dreams. We like to work with entrepreneurs and startup businesses that have crazy and unique ideas to disrupt established industry. With our help, your app can be built faster and can become a commercial success. We work together toward your success, using our combined team skill and experience we can support your business from the initial idea to a million users. Our clear plan allows you to overview the app development at any point. We have weekly meetings with you and show you the exciting progress we deliver each week.

The proven plan
that delivers results

Agile, tested and transparent development process with clearly defined milestones and tasks is how we like to work.

Discuss your app idea
mobile app development user flows
mobile app development wireframes
mobile app development designs
mobile app prototyping services

Independently reviewed

Proud to be recognised for our work developing apps for Android, iPhone and iPad and being one of the best app development agencies in London, UK. Read our client testimonials conducted by independent reviewer company Clutch.

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We deliver on

Sensible approach company

Being available, helpful, and with a detailed plan to deliver your project on time and budget.

Single contact

You will always talk to the same person about your project. No more time-wasting talking to multiple people.

Fast communication

There is no need to wait. We are available and ready to talk to you in your time zone, and the time it suits you best.

No surprise costs

There are no surprise costs! We deliver what we propose, on time and on budget without inflating costs or hidden charges.

Beautiful app UI

We love to create amazing app UI and beautiful user experiences that make a difference to your business.

What's your app story?

Empire Elements worked with entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses to make their apps better and more successful on a global scale.

MVP mobile app development for startup

MVP for Startup

Developing an app for a Startup? We call this an MVP, and it is a sure way to build your app in the shortest possible time with core functionality and with a cloud computing architecture that can scale your userbase to millions

Have clear idead what you want to build

Have a clear idea

When you have a clear idea and know what you would like to develop. Choose us to develop your idea to disrupt the industry, to innovate and to make something amazing. Our team will help you along the way.

Taking your app into another level

App to a new level

Want to develop your business? Is your app maintenance taking too long and adding new features problematic? You need to take your development into a whole new level and introduce new app updates and features quickly.

Recently launched apps

Recognised as one of the best app development companies in London we are proud to show our work 🙂👇

my hippo space mobile app screen with map
my hippo space mobile app screen with storage space detail
my hippo space calendar screen
Scoob-E mobile app screen with bookings
Scoob-E mobile app screen with payment
Scoob-E app booking confirmation with location
Do A Wilson app screen with trending videos and photos
Do A Wilson app 3D facemask
Do A Wilson mobile app screen with my profile

Don't be afraid to ask

Not sure how to start Android mobile application development?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

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Building an android app can vary a lot. Your app features and complexity dictates development time. Usually, 3-6 months is a reasonable time to develop your app from start to finish. Using a Hybrid framework like React Native, Ionic and Flutter can speed up the development time.
Like the development time, the app-building cost can vary wildly. A basic feature app can cost from £20,000 to £50,000 while apps with more complex features can cost hundreds of thousands. Check out our article on mobile app development cost that gives you more information.
Absolutely yes! Android users form the majority of a mobile market. If you plan your app for the European market, then you should focus on Android.
Android 10 is a very attractive choice. It is the latest version making it's way to devices made by Google, OnePlus, Asus, Essential, HTC, Huawei, Honor, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and Sony. Usually, it takes some time for the manufacturers to apply the latest Android. App development for older versions can be problematic. You will need to decide if the extra development to support older versions is worth it.
Minimum Viable Product is a development of the initial core idea. Getting your app out there in it's the most basic form, but fully functional and ready for marketing. Building MVP app for Startups is a very popular service among our clients.
There are many ways to monetize your app. These 7 ways to make money from your app should give you some ideas to explore. Just keep in mind that 98% of app revenue worldwide comes from free apps. People do not like to pay to download apps. Mobile apps are projected to hit $200 billion in revenue by 2020.
Updates and upgrades might not need and update so often. Bug-fixes and releasing new features might require more frequent updates. Your users might require ongoing changes. You can implement user feedback and development of new ideas. That might require continuous improvement plans. A product development roadmap should help you determine any update plans.
Like the development time, the app-building cost can vary wildly. A basic feature app can cost from £20,000 to £50,000 while apps with more complex features can cost hundreds of thousands. Check out our article on mobile app development cost that gives you more information.
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