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Full-stack, custom web app development services for your business. Backend development is what powers your website or a mobile app, content management system or bespoke developed APIs. Our team of 50+ skilled developers delivers fully tested, bug-free and production-ready applications. Weekly catch-ups and milestones approach allows us to deliver a better product.

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Masters in backend technologies


Choice of PHP for web development makes sense. It is the most popular language, Open Source, giving you control over features and cost-efficient development of your application or website.


For a high-level Python web development, we use Django, a popular web framework for Python. Python is also open-source and growing in popularity rapidly. It is very popular amongst FinTech companies.


Consistent, cost-efficient and scalable option for your web applications would be Ruby on Rails - server-side, full-stack web application framework written in Ruby language.


NodeJS can accelerate web development. It’s been one of the hottest trends in web development, and it is a component of MEAN Stack web development. It’s easy to scale and extend as your business grows. We used Node in Do A Wilson project.


Our PHP developers love Laravel framework. No wonder, with so many plugins and modules available it is possible to build anything. It's scalable, robust, secure and even offers automated testing and scheduling. Laravel is our most popular PHP framework. We used Laravel in My Hippo Space project.


Fantastic, easy to use and build with, Open Source MVC framework with a small footprint. CodeIgniter is the smaller brother of much larger Laravel but is still the third most popular PHP framework. We used CodeIgniter in Nexus National Security project.


Open source, easy and fast, with excellent performance, greater scalability, exceptional reliability. MySQL remains the most popular database in the world. MySQL as a database is used for Wordpress development but also high-volume application frameworks.


Open source, in-memory data structure store. Redis can be used as a database, cache or message broker. It just depends on your application. We used Redis for session cache on My Hippo Space project, which resides in the server’s main memory.


For some specific use cases, Amazon DynamoDB can be the perfect choice to scale your business. Scalability of your database and application is the main benefit, supporting your mission-critical application.

Backend API testing and development

Extend your application functionality and add a custom made REST API calls. Our team has built many different types of APIs for our clients. With the right technology stack, we can supercharge your app.

Web server of your choice

This is where your application resides. We work with the top two industry-leading web servers Nginx and Apache. The choice is not always clear straight away, and there are different use cases. Your application reliability, security and scalability are the most critical factors.


Apache webserver is open source and a very popular choice. It offers unprecedented expandability and is a familiar choice for many modern web projects.


Nginx is an open-source and immensely popular web server that can be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache. It can be scaled for modern applications.

Admin and user dashboards

Web application dashboard design and development is our speciality. We created some beautiful admin and user portal dashboard panels.

PHP, Laravel and AWS

Scalable application in Docker, running on AWS Docker Swarm is our My Hippo Space. A high-performance website like this also needs a reliable and scalable database; we picked AWS RDS and Redis for caching sessions. Our custom made Restful API also powers the mobile app.

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My Hippo Space user panel

Serverless, DynamoBD and APIs

Do A Wilson project is entirely serverless, using Amazon Web Services DynamoDB, Lambda code in Python and API Gateway. The same API Gateway also powers the administration panel built in ReactJS.

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Do A Wilson admin panel

PHP, CodeIgniter and AWS

We migrated Nexus National Security Network to AWS some time ago, and since then the company can grow and scale quickly. It is built in CodeIgniter and PHP in a scalable environment. Since the migration Nexus enjoys 0% downtime.

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Supercharge your development

Speedy development saves you money, automated pipeline allows us to build new features faster, subversion eliminates errors, and GitHub increases productivity.

You own the code

You hire our team 👨🏻‍💻 to work on your project, to create and code for you. You own the code and all assets we produce.

We use Github

Version control with tickets and projects, with Wiki documentation and automated code review. We ❤️ to use GitHub

Useful automation

Your project will have development, staging and production environments with automated deployments. 🚦

Let's do business

Why choose us?

Find a reliable partner

Searching for a reliable, professional and technologically able partner is difficult. Our team consists of handpicked developers with 5+ years of commercial experience.

50+ European developers

Our headquarters in London govern our European team of more than 50 developers. Designers, developers and even DevOps engineers.

Grow your business

Leave the development of new features to us while you focus on business. We make things easier for you with a single dedicated point of contact.

Scale-up your business

There are more than 15 years of experience available to you. We can help you save money on technology while increasing profits by automation.

If you want to work with a web development company where you talk directly to the CEO every time then choose Empire Elements. Richard and Vera are very hands-on CEOs, they managed our project and kept us informed on the progress by weekly catchups.

Bushra Zawawi CEO Zawawi Group, Sultanate of Oman

Trusted and recognised

Proud to be recognised for our web and mobile app development in London. It's an honour to be one of the best development agencies in the UK.

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Web development agency like no other

Building complex websites and application is our speciality. With cloud computing platforms, we now have access to exciting new technologies like Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, and pattern recognition. AI has vast business uses like predictions, forecasting, recommendations and even voice analysis.

Machine Learning (ML)

Collection of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions based on recorded data. Machine learning is often used to predict future outcomes based on historical data. There are many different business applications to ML.

European development team

A company based in London, UK 🇬🇧

15+ years of experience in the western market

Our dedicated, professional and handpicked team of professionals is scattered throughout European countries directed by our core team based in London.

Having a remote team means we can find the most exceptional talent in Europe. Our Imperian team consists of designers, developers, architects, DevOps, behavioural scientists and researchers of at least five years of commercial experience.

We love technology. Being passionate about tech, we continue our research and follow changes in technology that make a real difference to your business. We often make massive improvements to our client's ideas by having a keen business sense.

Direct access to our CEO Richard makes a difference. Both of our CEOs, Richard and Vera, have active, day to day roles in the business and their vast experience building web and mobile apps is at your disposal.

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FREE project management

There is no additional cost for project management. Some companies like to add extra 10-20% on top of your project price, but our price is the final sum you pay to get your project delivered.

100 days guarantee

We stand behind our promise to deliver bug-free, production-ready websites that we give you a free 100 days of warranty. Any bugs or inconsistencies will be resolved for free during this period.

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