BigCommerce store built for unlimited scalability

BigCommerce store designed and developed on the BigCommerce platform is built to be scalable without losing speed and uptime. BigCommerce's built-in security makes it effortless to be PCI compliant. Complex and large product catalogues are supported, allowing you to manage large order volumes. BigCommerce offers a lot of eCommerce features for improving your site performance without the need to built a complex store.

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BigCommerce store design

bigcommerce development agency

BigCommerce offers flexibility to fast-track your growth

Accelerate growth

BigCommerce is designed to empower agile BigCommerce agencies like Empire elements to deliver online stores for any industry. With streamlined operations, we can focus on innovating your eCommerce and speed up time-to-market.

Robust performance

BigCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform when it comes to uptime, performance and protection. Providing multi-layered security and fast loading times. With 99.99% uptime, you can focus on generating sales and expanding.

Endless possibilities

As a BigCommerce partner agency, we can leverage our existing tech stack with APIs, webhooks and integrations. Extend your store's functionality by integrating third-party APIs and keep growing your eCommerce business.

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B2B eCommerce solutions

Modernise your B2B buying experience, create new opportunities

It's time to take your B2B eCommerce to another level with a modern and fresh approach. B2B buyers expect more, using our BigCommerce theme customisation service allows you to have a functional and sleek website designed for your product catalogue. With BigCommerce B2B eCommerce features such as automated pricing segmentation, purchase orders and integrations with CRM systems, you can offer much better B2B eCommerce experience. BigCommerce B2B solution works with existing ERP, OMS and CRM systems. We can integrate your existing business tools with BigCommerce's pre-built integrations.

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Wholesale eCommerce

Built-in wholesale functionality with single front and backend experience

Combine your wholesale and retail channels by using BigCommerce agency to design a landing page to source wholesale customers. We can then customise your store to show them a specific price for a product once they login to their wholesale account. Why not segment your wholesale customers into groups and then customise each group's site experience, including pricing and products. Customise prices and discounts for each wholesale customer with BigCommerce's built-in price list. You could have two sites in one, sell to retail and wholesale customers through the same shopping cart. BigCommerce's wholesale eCommerce offers wholesale specific payment solutions to increase conversion rate and customer confidence. Offer your wholesale customers purchase orders, quotes, card-on-file transactions, credit limits and net payment terms. Sounds complex? Get a BigCommerce company like Empire elements to set up your wholesale eCommerce today.

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Multi-channel eCommerce

Sell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay

Sell on marketplaces, social media or in person. BigCommerce offers you the option to sell your products in more places from one platform. As a BigCommerce certified partner, we can get your brand's products in people's social media feeds. Sell everywhere your potential customers are. BigCommerce offers pre-built integrations with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Shopping. Your inventory will be synced to avoid over-selling; you can even merge offline and online sales, inventory and accounting.

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International eCommerce

Expand your store in global regions with localised currencies and site content

Whatever your global expansion strategy is BigCommerce helps you achieve it. You only need one platform and BigCommerce partner agency to localise your eCommerce across the globe. Let us help you sell more, increase customer loyalty and market share with BigCommerce's localised content, currency and inventory. There are more than 250 localised payment methods at our disposal, helping you to sell more in any region. Set up regional shipping with BigCommerce's providers and access pre-negotiated rates. We are the BigCommerce development company helping you move into new markets and generate sales. Upload your products once and then assign them out to various international locations. BigCommerce offers international options for tax and shipping, multi-language store and payments in any currency.

Industry solutions with unlimited product catalogues

Save time and money with agile eCommerce

BigCommerce theme customisation focused on creating value and results

With BigCommerce platform, you can continue evolving your online store using their array of functionalities that drive innovation.

BigCommerce platform offers your business endless possibilities to shape your customer experience with the help of BigCommerce partner agency like Empire elements.

Create a professional and reputable online brand, gain more business and sales and manage everything in a single platform.

Let us set up your BigCommerce store to sell on marketplaces (Amazon and eBay) or social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) and capitalise on your social media following.

Create or migrate your online store onto a BigCommerce single platform without the need to compromise on speed, security, or scalability.

Apparel & Fashion

Focus on selling your products and other revenue-generating initiatives. Custom made BigCommerce templates tailored for fashion and apparel stores. Large catalogues, multiple sales channels, personalised customer experiences, 70+ promotion rules.

Health & Beauty

Online health and beauty merchants are missing on the physical experience letting buyers sample their products. Your online store designed with BigCommerce partner company will build trust, confidence and loyalty through a flawless shopping experience.

Food & Beverage

With BigCommerce, you could consolidate your offline and online sales to sync your inventory and sales and even accounting automatically.


Let's set up and customise your BigCommerce theme to let your customers build their auto part bundles. Reduce friction by offering faceted search to show your customers the right product quickly.

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BigCommerce empowers you to focus on optimising and growing your store

Empire Elements is a BigCommerce design and development agency from London, UK creating BigCommerce eCommerce websites that can help you increase traffic and conversions, build trust with your potential customers and improve your brand image and online presence. Want your eCommerce website to look great and reflect your brand mission and values?

  • Storefront design

    We offer BigCommerce design customisation services including theme customisation, checkout customisation and mobile optimisation to make your website mobile responsive.

  • Storefront conversion

    All the tools you need to improve your store's conversion. Create discounts and promotions, customise your merchandising, improve SEO, make it easy for your customers to pay, giving them the choice of Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal one touch.

  • Scaling your eCommerce

    With BigCommerce all-in-one platform, you can manage your catalogue of products or integrate Catalog API with your external system. From shipping and tax to enabling customers to refund or partially refund through their account.

  • Secure & reliable

    Having your eCommerce website running on BigCommerce means 99.99% uptime, PCI compliance as standard, backups and data restoration.

One platform to sell everywhere

BigCommerce eCommerce agency focussed on creating user-friendly and engaging websites, helping you turn visitors into customers and ultimately sales. BigCommerce has a lot of built-in features to keep your expenses low and margins high. Stores built with BigCommerce are future-proof, and you can have your eCommerce website built in Wordpress and integrate the backend with BigCommerce. Have an online store website already? Relaunch your store with BigCommerce's immersive experiences and features optimised for conversion and more sales.

BigCommerce assessment service

Ensure scalability and performance for the future

Completely redesign and relaunch your eCommerce website

Improve conversion rate

Get help with product catalogue migration

Improve eCommerce website loading times

Improve user journey and the shopping cart experience

Use the right SEO keywords on your product pages

Fully set up online store on BigCommerce platform

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