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Supporting heavy load, rapid expansions and automatic scaling. Cloud Computing architecture is the ultimate launch pad for your apps' global success. Pay only for what you use, keep your data secure and reliable, worldwide.

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enterprise cloud infrastructure services

Resilient. Scalable. Secure.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is affordable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises with traffic spikes. Migrating to AWS means it can grow as fast as your business. It's flexible, and you only pay for what you use. AWS offers enhanced and robust security, including firewall and encrypted data storage.

Google Cloud

The biggest advantage of Google cloud is better pricing, discounted prices for long-running workloads. Another advantage is a security model that also secures Google's products and services like Gmail. Google cloud is the only cloud provider offering live migration.

Digital Ocean

Concentrating on simplicity, pricing and high-performance virtual servers Digital ocean is making it easier and faster to set up affordable Linux instances (droplets). We can build your website or mobile application using high availability services and storage options.

Cloud architecture assessment

Ensure scalability and performance for the future

Optimise use of services and cost

Improve speed to market continuous deployment

Ready to scale on demand

Is your web application ready for traffic spikes?
We plan for the unexpected! It's our job to create the most robust, secure and suitable cloud architecture for your web application or mobile app. Our 10+ team of DevOps engineers is ready to expand your app to a global audience. We like to use serverless technologies where possible, saving you the cost of regular maintenance.

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Since moving to AWS we had zero downtime. Our web application has become an essential asset to our business
Mark Stanton, Nexus Security

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Robust and stable cloud architecture should be at the core of your web or mobile app development

Global architecture for your idea

A cloud service that is reliable, fast, adapts to your business growth

  • Cloud architecture design

    Based on the requirements of your web or mobile application our certified DevOps engineers plan and design the environment on cloud computing platform.

  • Cloud architecture deployment

    Our DevOps will use a wide range of AWS services to maximise your web or mobile application’s performance and cost efficiency.

  • Performance testing

    Performance and stress testing are carried out together with auto-scaling. Our DevOps enable monitoring and analytics to monitor traffic spikes and performance.

  • Launching your application

    Your web or mobile app is then deployed globally within minutes. Using the right cloud hosting platform offers much faster development and deployment cycles.

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Where technology meets business innovation. We build foundation for your ambition.

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DevOps engineers

Our AWS certified cloud solutions architects and AWS certified DevOps engineers have the expertise to design, architect, build and manage robust and scalable AWS infrastructures

AWS certified cloud solutions architects

Google Technology architects

Digital Ocean partner

Go global within minutes

Deploy applications in secure environments that require rigorous regulatory compliance. AWS meets the strictest security requirements.

AWS can help you gain new business insights, deliver services rapidly and develop solutions to address any business needs.

Global infrastructure

Cost efficient and secure

AWS offers a global network of 169 points of presence (158 edge locations and 11 regional edge caches) in 68 cities across 29 countries.


Availability zones


Geographic regions


Edge locations


Regional edge caches

Your global foundation for your app

We deliver a complete launchpad

Your account

You will enjoy your very own cloud computing hosting account. We will help you create one and give access to our DevOps engineers to carry out the work.

Continuous integration

First, we set up development and production environments with automated deployment pipelines. Then it's easier to innovate and publish faster.

Alerts and reports

We will set up a series of CloudWatch alarms or server logging endpoints to keep telemetry flowing and take an active approach to fault prevention.

Business analytics

Analysing data at scale is now much easier with virtually unlimited storage and computing power. We can set up a measurement of valuable business metrics.


There is a lot that can be automated today. From testing to repetitive administration tasks. We aim to enhance your business productivity.


We are strict on documenting our work. Proper documentation saves time and resources to everyone. It's just a good coding practice anyways.


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They operate on a flexible schedule and respond to our questions seven days week. Most of the world only works Monday thru Friday, but building a business is 24/7 commitment. Richard understands that concept and is always available to us.

Do A Wilson, Monaco
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Our web and mobile apps are at the core of the business, they have to be available all the time with minimal maintenance. With Empire Elements' expertise in web and mobile app development and AWS cloud architecture we can be UK's leading security outsourcing company. Migrating to AWS have substantially cut our costs. We can completely trust and rely on Empire Elements even when things don't go as planned.

Nexus Security, Manchester UK
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Empire Elements were dedicated to our project, listened and understood our requirements. Because of their expertise they came up with solutions and ideas that the new website should feature. Our website is now running on the latest technology cloud computing - Amazon Web Services. The AWS architecture was designed and built by Empire Elements' technical team.

Zawawi Group, Muscat Oman
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Empire Elements were excited to work with us on developing our idea, connecting locums, hospitals and agencies from around the world. Their information architecture of the web application was simple to use for users which was one of our goals. Empire Elements built our platform on AWS infrastructure and set up AutoScaling to prepare for high demand and traffic spikes.

A Perfect Job, London UK

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Do you have questions about Cloud Computing Architecture?

Because Cloud Computing can be a complex subject here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

You can talk to us 24/7 and we provide signed NDA in 5 minutes.

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Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, database, storage, applications, and other IT resources via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. That's according to AWS, but this definition does not change for any cloud computing provider. Cloud computing gives you access to resources you need, such as database, storage, server(s) using a secure and global network to support your business applications.
There is a big difference! Shared hosting is a platform with multiple websites or applications running on a single server. That poses a considerable risk. Cloud Computing, on the other hand, allows the website or application to be hosted by multiple servers (VPS).

Security, performance and price are the three factors we can compare. Shared hosting can be shockingly un-secure. If there is an issue caused by an exploit on one website running on a shared server, then all website will be punished for it. It may be a server overload, poor performance or even IP address block or worse.

Cloud Computing offers a much tighter level of security which you can control, far superior performance and of course, the option to scale your app so that it does not crash under high demand.
Yes, it is, but price and value are two very different things. You can expect to pay about £30-£50 to pay for an average Wordpress website on a shared hosting per year. The same webpage hosted on Cloud Computing would cost you twice that much or more. But again then you have to consider the risks of shared hosting, the much faster performance of the cloud. Now that Google uses speed as a significant ranking factor, it's better to invest in a fast and secure website than keep paying to fix your website over and over.

Pound to pound it is more expensive but offers excellent savings on security and performance.
If your current website application is problematic, keeps crashing or that your customers are unhappy with the poor performance — the perfect opportunity to turn things around and look into cloud computing. We performed application migration for Nexus National Security Network, and since then they had a zero downtime. Application is automatically scaling depending on traffic and Nexus can focus on growing the business.

If you are still not convinced, we can perform a one-off platform audit and create an easy to understand the plan of how your business can benefit from migration to the cloud and leave all the worries behind.
As mentioned in previous answer, security, performance and speed are the differentiating factors. But that juts the beginning. Cloud computing platform such as Amazon Web Services, Google Computing Cloud or Digital Ocean and even Alibaba Cloud can offer so much more. They provide access to a truly global network which you can use to grow your business. Let's use a small example: an average image asset for your website. This image can load up from 200 places around the planet depending on the user's location. We call this a Content Delivery Network. It is incredible to have access to such a simple and cost-effective way to scale up your business. And this is only one of many global services on offer. You can utilise Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence models should your business need this service.
Ah yes, this is a good question. There are many providers, and Empire Elements works in many different regions, so we can help you decide which Cloud Computing provider would be best for you.

Our clients are from USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia and thus we work with all major cloud providers.

The best way is to have a look at the case to case scenarios. Business requirements vary quite a lot so it could be a need to make your application robust for unplanned traffic spikes and to make sure it does not crash when you run a promotion. Or it could be that you wish to automate your workloads and make your application scalable so that you can grow business and build up userbase. We can build an exact solution for your business and address the most significant problems you currently have.
We sure can. We start by reviewing your current architecture and making a migration plan for your app. Then we take step by step approach so that migration does not impact your existing userbase. We have built robust and scalable architecture A Perfect Job project and My Hippo Space, migrated Nexus National Security Network and even built a completely serverless architecture for Scoob-E electric bikes in Vienna.
Yes, we do. We offer maintenance packages and services agreement to all our clients. A usual maintenance package usually includes regular updates, upgrades and security checks. We can also provide a more specific maintenance package tailored for your application like production backups, failover systems and hight load scaling ability.
Yes, it sure can. AWS offers an entire region which is in London for this exact purpose. All services are executed in that region, including storage. Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform offer UK regions too, London based servers and services are now a popular option.

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