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your startup

You are at a stage where you want to expand to new markets and scale your business.

You need a skilled and reliable partner who understands, not only development and technology but also your business.

Save as you grow

Building your website or mobile app on a robust infrastructure from the start will save you a lot of money in the long run. You don't have to worry about how fast your business grows.

Deploy new features fast

Are your current developers taking way too long to launch new features? Time to market is crucial, not only for startups building their first MVP but also for established businesses.

Focus on your business

You want to run your business, not have a job. We hear this all the time from our entrepreneur clients. That's why you can focus on running your business while we take care of building your digital asset.

Ready to scale on demand

Is your app running slow? Are you ready for unexpected traffic spikes? How does zero downtime sounds? Fortunately, we plan for the unexpected!

You are hiring us to create the most robust, secure and suitable cloud architecture for your web application or mobile app. Our 50+ team of engineers is ready to expand your app to a global audience.

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Scale, grow and move fast

Take your app to another level

The architecture supporting a heavy load, rapid expansions and automatic scaling is the ultimate launchpad for your app's global success.

Fast time to market

Want to innovate and launch new features fast? You need development and production environments with automated deployment pipelines.

Improve productivity

There is a lot that can be automated today from testing to repetitive administration tasks. We aim to enhance your business productivity.

Overtake the competition

Leave your competitors in the dust by having the right foundation set up from the start where you don't have to worry about technological debt.

* Get an overview of your architecture and list of most effective improvements

Planning to expand and grow?

Cost-efficient and secure global infrastructure

We deliver a complete launchpad for your web and mobile app. If you plan to take over the world, you need a global architecture that's reliable, fast and adapts flawlessly to your business growth.

Better user experience

Improve loading times

Positive app reviews

Happy customers

Easier testing and QA

Automate testing

Test app performance

Maximise cost-efficiency

Fast deployment pipeline

New features fast

Save on development

Speed up innovation

Scalable and secure app

Integrated security

Global architecture

Always available

Build a stable foundation for your web or app

Have big plans for your website or mobile app? Build upon reliable infrastructure.

Trusted by scale-ups like you.

Here are a few nice things other scale-ups have said about partnering with us.

“Our web and mobile applications are a vital part of our operations. When these were hosted on shared hosting, there were problems with the system crashing or being slow at busier times. Since moving to AWS, we had zero downtime. Our website and mobile apps have become an essential asset to our business.”

Nexus security, Manchester, UK

Do you have questions about building the right foundation for your idea?

Are you worried about how will your web or mobile applications cope with demand in traffic?

🤷 What's the difference between cloud and shared hosting?

There is a big difference! Shared hosting is a platform with multiple websites or applications running on a single server. That poses a considerable risk when it comes to speed and security. Cloud computing, on the other hand, allows your website or application to be hosted by multiple servers (VPS).

🤔 When should I choose cloud computing?

If your current website application is problematic, keeps crashing or your customers are unhappy with poor performance — it's the perfect opportunity to turn things around and look into migrating to cloud. If you are still not convinced, we can perform architecture audit and create an easy to understand plan of how your business can benefit from migration to the cloud, helping you leave all current worries behind.

👍 What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Security, performance and speed are the differentiating factors. But that's just the beginning. Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Computing Cloud or Digital Ocean and even Alibaba Cloud can offer so much more. They provide access to a truly global network which you can use to grow your business. You have access to a simple and cost-effective way to scale up your business. You can also utilise Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence models, to name a few.

☁️ How can my business benefit from using cloud architecture?

Need to make your application robust for unplanned traffic spikes? Make sure it does not crash when you run a sales promotion? Or you may wish to automate your workloads and make your application scalable so that you can grow your business and build up userbase. We can build an exact solution for your business and address the most significant problems you currently have.

🚀 Can you migrate my application to the cloud?

We sure can. We start by reviewing your current architecture and making a migration plan for your app. Then we take a step by step approach minimising the migration impact on your existing userbase. We have built robust and scalable architecture for A Perfect Job project and My Hippo Space, migrated Nexus National Security Network and even built a completely serverless architecture for Scoob-E electric bikes in Vienna.

☕️ Do you offer maintenance?

Yes, we do. We offer maintenance packages to all our clients. Maintenance package usually includes regular updates, upgrades and security checks. We can also provide a more specific maintenance package tailored for your application like production backups, failover systems and high load scaling ability.

Let's start setting you up for growth

We can help you build a secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure to take your app to another level.

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