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Is your website or mobile app design outdated? Are you looking for an experienced and creative app design agency to improve the usability and user experience of your web or mobile app? Would you like to add new functionality and need UI / UX designs or wireframes?

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Web design agency

Website design & redesign services

UI website design / redesign

User interface design looks at how your users interact with your website. Do they know where to click to find information or contact you, are your CTA buttons visible? Users expect certain design patterns such as the company logo on the left-hand side and top menu. There are different UI design patterns for non-Western culture markets. We worked exclusively with Oman's leading investment company Zawawi Group to redesign their existing website to appeal to businesses in the Western market.

UX website design / redesign

User experience design is from the perspective of your user and deals with user behaviour and feeling when using your website. How does viewing and using your website affect users? Our UX designers take into account persuasive design patterns to help grow your business. Creating user experiences that leave positive feelings. Optimising the UX design of your business website can positively impact your business goals - sales, webinar signups or lead generation.

Website design / redesign

Designing the visuals of your website aimed at usability, fast page loading times, high conversion rates, and keeping users engaged. It starts with your site's information architecture that maps the whole site and its navigation. Our skilled web designers can fine-tune your existing website to optimise conversion rate helping to increase your sales and other CTA goals. Depending on your needs, we can design landing pages, front end web pages and even backend portals and dashboards.

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Communicate your brand's mission and value to your customers

To have happy, engaged and loyal customers you need an effective branding. We help you form your brand strategy, values and unique selling points (USP). We understand that your branding must be consistent across your website, brochure, packaging or retail space. Creating a brand guidelines / style guidelines for your company means all your marketing materials will be consistent. Brand guidelines can be provided in Sketch or we can create a web page with your brand guidelines.

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User flows

Achieving your business objectives while keeping the focus on your users

We begin your project by examining your user's objectives and your business's goals. User flows show you the steps users take when they arrive on your website to completing your desired tasks. User flows then help designers focus on specific user interactions. User experience takes priority over the actual design or information architecture.

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Website wireframes

Giving you a clear understanding of your website layout and navigation

Before moving on to visual design, we create website wireframes to visualise the site's structure and bringing all ideas into something tangible. Website wireframes will provide a clear blueprint of how all features will function, their appearance on specific pages. Creating wireframes is aimed at usability - is the website easy to use and navigate, conversion paths, placement of features and call to action buttons.

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Front end design & development

Creating intuitive and business oriented user experiences for websites

Your website's performance is tightly connected to your online business success. The design of your site, together with the code plays an essential role in the success of your website. Your users want modern, fast and intuitive websites. By combining the front end development with design, you can create a seamless experience for your users. Front end frameworks offer flexibility and scalability to meet your business goals. Our front end developers use Angular and React to build interactive and innovative web interfaces that are fast.

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Backend web portal design

A single user interface for your web-based platform

Web portals can connect your users, find relevant content quickly and present information from different sources onto a dashboard. Let your users log in to update their information and offer a seamless self-service experience. Transform your operational processes by having a web portal for your customers or employees. Whether you need banking, insurance, patient, student, faculty or employee web portal.

Business website design

Showcase your startup or business

Creating effective websites focused on value and results

First, we find out your business goals and what would you like your new website to achieve. Then we set out to design and build a functional website that adds value to your users and business. A website that you can be proud of. We can advise you on the best possible solution and whether to design your website custom, use Squarespace web design or customise a Wordpress theme. If you would like to set up an e-commerce website and don't need a custom design, then we can set up a Shopify or Squarespace theme within days!

When our designers create the perfect website they focus on user experience, branding and also user psychology. The finished result is a business website that is responsive and mobile friendly, with fast loading times, smooth and straightforward user journey and professional look.

We also take into account the importance of SEO web design. In order to improve your chances of ranking on Google your website must be structured correctly. Don't worry; we know how to design high converting websites.

If social media plays a significant role in your business, and you would like to have your social media integrated with your website then let us know. Our developers can integrate your social media feeds or sharing buttons, keeping everything consistent and seamless across all platforms.


GP surgery, hospital, health professional or dental website design for your dental practice aimed at showcasing your services. Users can quickly get in touch with your practice by phone or email. We can also integrate your patients' software API to make it possible for users to book an appointment on the website.

Financial services

Financial brokers, planners, advisers, asset & wealth management and investment firms can hugely benefit from our website design service for financial services. Your users may be intimidated by using sites to take out a loan, applying for a mortgage or sending money to a family member.


Designing unique hotel websites focused on customers and conversion. Since hospitality is a highly competitive industry, you need a hotel website designed to stand out while delivering high-level customer service. Our hotel website design service focuses on smooth and clear booking process for your hotel guests.

Estate & letting agents

Showcase your estate agency or letting agency properties using a brand new website. Making it fast and easy to book a viewing or valuation. Our developers can also integrate it with your agency software or add a valuation tool to your website; the possibilities are endless. We take the time to understand the specifics of your agency and the local market.


Are you an innovative restaurateur, fine dining establishment or casual eatery looking for a restaurant website design service? Let us design your new front of house website where you can show your menu, let guests book a table or see your upcoming restaurant events.

Law firms

Attract new clients to your law firm's practice and grow your client base with our law firm website design service.

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A web solution for every need

Empire Elements is a web design agency in London, UK creating websites that increase traffic and conversions, build trust with your audience and improve your brand image and online presence. We work with national and multi-national corporations, startups and businesses that want their website to look great and reflect their brand mission and values.

  • First website

    Working closely with you to find out what you want the website to accomplish and then we set out to achieve it. We can audit your existing website and suggest ways to improve it.

  • Complete redesign

    We understand how important it is to have a website that performs well. A well-designed website can have a substantial positive impact on your business. If you need a simple MVP website, brochure website design or landing page get in touch.

  • Adding functionality

    Adding more features and functionality to a current website. We can create wireframes and then designs or integrate third-party APIs that add new functionality to your site.

  • Improving usability

    Is your website converting visitors to leads or sales? There are many ways to improve not only usability but also website speed and conversion rate. Don't lose any more sales! Let us audit your website and give you a report with suggested improvements.

Professional web design

Our focus is on creating user friendly, creative and engaging websites to help you convert visitors into customers and sales. Whether you need a brochure website design, landing page for your mobile app or startup, website with bookings and scheduling, catalogue web design or bespoke website design, let us help you achieve your business goals. All websites we create are responsive, SEO friendly, using the latest technology and highest quality coding practices.

Technology that helps us design great websites

We use the latest web design trends because you deserve the best! πŸ˜‰

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Corporate website design & redesign

Take control of your web with our web design services for startups and businesses of all sizes. Whether it's customising a Wordpress theme, Squarespace website template or Shopify e-commerce template or designing a landing page for your mobile app, product, service or event.

Landing page design

Creating high converting landing pages for your startup or established business. Would you like to promote your event, service or product using a one-page design for lead capture and sales? Our landing page designers are skilled in creating mobile app landing page design, product landing page design or even B2B landing page design. Is your current landing page not performing well? Landing page redesign could improve your conversion rate.

Wordpress web design

Affordable Wordpress website design and front end development of custom Wordpress themes. Not ready to go custom? Our Wordpress specialists can customise any Wordpress theme to look just the way you want. You can easily manage your website, add new content or update existing content. Why not use one of our Wordpress maintenance plans and we take care of everything - updates, upgrades and monitoring security of your Wordpress website.

Squarespace web design

One of the most popular all-in-one platforms for building websites, portfolios or online stores. Since you are too busy running your business, you can completely rely on us to choose the best fitting website template and customise it to fit your business goals. We can integrate third-party apps and tools such as Foursquare, Stripe or Xero and manage your Squarespace website. Sell your products, digital content or subscriptions with flexible payments.

Shopify website design

Shopify is the leading platform for all things e-commerce, including point of sale, features helping you build and grow your e-commerce business. Do you need a custom Shopify theme design or Shopify experts to help you set up and manage your Shopify store? Empire Elements is a Shopify design agency that can build your store, optimise it for growth and integrate it with one of the 2,500 apps from the Shopify app store to add more features and functionality.

Custom website design

The most significant advantage of having your website custom designed is that the design will be unique. We would recommend custom web design if you want to have a website according to your business needs with specific functionality or features. It doesn't mean you can't use Wordpress. We are skilled in custom Wordpress web design too.

Website templates customisation

When we use a website template such as Squarespace or Shopify to set up and customise your website, it's much faster than designing a custom web. There are certain limitations when customising your chosen template or Wordpress theme. If your desired feature is not supported by Wordpress plugin, Squarespace or Shopify then you would have to go custom.

App design agency

Mobile app design & redesign services

Intuitive app design that delivers results for your users and achieves your business objectives. Full solution mobile app design company designing for iOS and Android that's with you from concept through to app design, app build and ongoing support. We work with you to develop your idea into a concept.

App icon design / redesign

Designing your brand's visual identity across multiple channels. Your mobile app's icon is designed with your brand identity in mind and according to the latest app store guidelines. We design an app icon complementing the app UI design.

Mobile UI design / redesign

Seamless user interface app design that not only looks stunning but also engages and excites users while delivering your business objectives. Is your app performing well? What do users think when using it? Need to redesign your app's UI?

Mobile UX design / redesign

Smooth user experience app design engaging users with every swipe or button tap. Implementing your brand message throughout. We focus on understanding your target audience, their needs and pain points, and how to deliver value.


iOS and iPhone app design

Apple's idea of iOS design is that the user, not the app, should be in control of the experience. That's why we design iPhone apps that have a positive impact on people's lives and work seamlessly across all Apple devices - from iPhone, iPad to Apple Watch and Apple TV.

iOS compliant

Our iOS designers follow the principles and styles set out by Apple in Human Interface Guidelines. All the component, layouts and typography in your app design are made according to iOS design specifications. Whether it's formatting content, touch controls, text size and easy to read layout.

iOS patterns

Designs are inspired by the most popular app design iOS patterns. Making your app, even more, user-friendly and intuitive to use. Using common design concepts when designing for iOS devices can enhance the app's usability. Delivering engaging and unique user experiences.

Apple devices

It's not only the iPhone app design we offer! Our iOS app designers can design apps for tablet, Apple Watch and Apple TV and help with App store submission.

Prototype build

When you choose us as your app design agency, we build a clickable prototype from the designs so you can see how the app will work when build.


Android app design

Google's material design is focused on the user's needs. Every great Android app starts with the user in mind. Our Android app designers understand how to use material design to comply with Google's guidelines. When we design UI and UX for your Android app, the focus is on robust and smooth user experience.

  • Quality guidelines

    Following material design guidelines for visual and navigation patterns and Google's quality guidelines to design Android apps that are compatible, perform and are secure.

  • Android patterns

    Material design can be adapted to any digital product, from retail apps, travel apps to messaging Android apps. Creating intuitive user experience. Our Android app designers use the most popular Android app design patterns and native UI elements from Android's latest release.

  • Phones & tablets

    We design Android apps for phones and tablets and deliver thoroughly tested, ready to launch mobile app that runs smoothly on Android devices.

  • Android prototype

    All screen designs are combined into clickable Android prototype design. You can then use the prototype on your Android phone to see how the actual app will work when build.


for faster app development and time-to-market


for building basic apps with native functionalities


for building fast, efficient consumer-facing apps


for nearly identical performance to native app development

Custom app design

If you have a really good budget set aside for your mobile app project, then why not get unique app designs. Custom app design takes longer, though, so keep that in mind.

Mobile app UI kits

If you are after speed and want to launch your MVP app or mobile app as fast as possible, then using mobile app UI kits could be the answer. You will not be able to tell the difference.

What's next?

Well, telling us all about your web design or mobile app design project!

  • NDA

    Don't worry about talking to us about UI and UX design services in complete confidence. Let us know if you would like to sign NDA first.

  • Casual chat

    We made it easy to contact us and get a fast response within hours; we don't make you wait. Why not schedule a call or send an email. It can be a technical or non-technical chat; forget pushy sales tactics to upsell unnecessary features. First, we would like to understand your project in more detail. Did we mention that Empire Elements answers 7 days a week? We don't close our door to new exciting opportunities, like yours, just because it's Friday 5 o'clock. 🀝

  • The plan

    When we know what you would like to achieve and we establish that Empire Elements is a good fit to deliver results, then we can estimate the cost and timeframe. Maybe you just need app designs or landing page design. You may also need a development company to build your MVP or mobile app. Whatever your requirement, we can send you a tailored estimate in 48 hours.

  • Project proposal

    If you would like to take the next step and get an official proposal to design your website or mobile app, we would be more than happy to email you an official proposal within 48 hours. Outlining our solution, cost and timeframe. Before any work starts, our two CEOs can meet with you for a coffee and chat in London or Europe.

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UI and UX design services for web, iOS and Android

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Do you have questions?

Not sure how web design and redesign works?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Website or a mobile app redesign is usually answering a UX problem. A redesign should make your product better, more appealing, easier to use and look professional and polished. A redesign is not just a trend; it is a measurable process that affects your business. Positive or negative. A right redesign should deliver quantifiable results. That could be more subscribers, more visitors, better feedback, happier customers, renewals going through the roof. Whatever it is, a redesign is an answer to a problem.
That should be the first question when redesigning your user experience. Our team would list all the issues your business and your customers are facing and create a visual solution to that problem. Uncovering what is wrong would lead to an unexpected bonus. You could discover something that shows value to your clients, puts you ahead of the competition. You could find what you would not consider before.
As often as you need. Sometimes it is an ongoing process where a design team makes updates to your design language as your product or company evolves. Other times you don’t need to redesign your website for a few years because it does well what it was designed to do. Communicate. If your website or app is not converting, then it’s time to look deeper and see what’s wrong. And consider a partial or full redesign.
We sure can. Mobile UI is developing rapidly, and it may seem challenging to stay on top of the latest trends. Mobile app design can look very dated quickly, and that could mean a problem. You should always monitor your business KPIs, for example, your user retention. If your app abandon rate is high, then it’s time to look at the app design and user experience and fix it.
First impression matters just as well polished user experience is what keeps your customers. Out of date website or a mobile app with choppy animations is not a pleasant experience. Best redesign practice is to research, mockup and implement. Analyse the old site, identify new priorities and brand guidelines and create an excellent user experience that guides your customers.