Digital Ocean

Unique cloud hosting Fantastic, fast and friendly cloud hosting provider

Digital Ocean (DO) is an exceptional cloud hosting service with fantastic uptime record, lightning-fast load times, clear and transparent monthly cost and a developer-friendly ecosystem of innovative products. Droplets, Spaces, Kubernetes and managed databases that allow us to build amazing web applications that make a difference to your customers and your business.

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High-performance cloud hosting

Worry-free hosting for your business.

Lightning fast

Digital Ocean services are fast. Servers come with high-performance Solid State Disks, managed databases are highly scalable, and Spaces global object storage now comes with a content delivery network.

Developer friendly

Also known as the developer cloud. Digital Ocean gives us the ability to create custom hosting platform easily. Flexibility makes it the perfect option for individuals and companies.

Monthly costing

It's easy to get lost in a pay-as-you-use model of pricing with other cloud providers. Digital Ocean makes a transparent cost a priority and all services are prices monthly. Transparent monthly cost.

Migration to Digital Ocean

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High-performance Wordpress hosting

Digital Ocean is fantastic for hosting the most popular web applications. Web applications like Wordpress can gain a massive boost in speed, resilience and security. Our clients ask us to migrate, set up and maintain the website for optimal performance. We set up a content delivery network, backups and restoration procedures, continuous integration pipelines and other business operations. We help you take your business to another level.

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Read how we resurrected a compromised Wordpress website and made it capable of sustaining traffic of tens of thousands people

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Certified solutions architects

Certified DevOps engineers have the expertise to design, architect, build and manage robust and scalable cloud infrastructures.

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Compete and innovate faster

Business competition and innovation get easier with the right team behind you. Empire Elements DevOps work with your team and can take care of your regular maintenance tasks.

Empire Elements Cloud Solution Architects will be here, and ready to help should anything go wrong. We will, of course, make architecture more reliable so that things don't go wrong. You might want to take advantage of our monthly maintenance packages to keep your systems up to date, secure and reliable.

Your global foundation for your app

A complete set of tools


Digital Ocean Droplet is a name given to a Linux-based virtual machine. Industry-leading, high-performance hardware allows for easy, fast, and flexible cloud computing to businesses worldwide.


Digital Ocean Spaces is object storage now with content delivery network ready to deliver vast amounts of data, globally. This S3-compatible object storage makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable.


Digital Ocean managed databases service is a worry-free database hosting leaving the complexity of database administration up to them. Compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis and offers simple pricing.

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